Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NT Scan and Dells

Last Friday, we had our NT scan. I took Trevor to the children's museum with his cousins all morning and my Mom kept him for the appointment, since children aren't allowed. Tom got off an hour early and arrived just in time. They took me back to prick my finger and sat us back in the waiting room, warning it may be a while. A nurse called my name 2 minutes later. She didn't want us to have to wait forever, so she put me on a chair you typically sit in for a NST and we did the ultrasound there. The only negative was I wasn't able to see the screen until the very end. Lucky Tom was able to soak in the cuteness of baby. S/he was wiggling around. She took a ton of pictures and pointed everything out to us. The baby measured 12w2d, so a bit ahead. I mentioned I couldn't wait to find out what it was and she looked and said she couldn't quite tell. To mean, that means there was no penis sighted. You could tell the tech really loved her job, so I loved her. :) She said everything looked great and they would review the blood work and call in a week with results. They called today and said I have a 1 in more than 10,000 chance for everything. So glad to hear it! Here is our squishy baby:

After the scan, we headed to Wisconsin Dells!! The drive wasn't bad and we arrived around bedtime. We got up early on Friday and soaked in the beautiful day. We went to Noahs Ark and had so much fun. I loved going there as a kid and was a little bummed I couldn't enjoy the fun slides. I didn't want to take any risks! Trevor had a blast. He is my water baby. There were slides, water shooters, swings(you can barely push him or he gets scared), the wave pool, bumper boats, lazy river, etc. He had a blast in the wavepool and loved when the waves hit him. It was good training for the beach in San Diego!

Tongue out when concentrating, just like his Daddy.


Sharing goldfish..

Baby #2-12 weeks

We went back to the hotel so Trevor could nap and relaxed for a few hours. We took a quick trip to the outlet mall and got Tom his marathon shoes and Trevor the cutest Nike's for fall. We also bought a sweater for his 2 yr. old pictures. We went to dinner at Applebees and then went to the strip. Trevor thought it was hilarious to run in and out of each store. It was a gorgeous night.

The next morning, we played a bit(see below), packed up and went to breakfast at Paul Bunyans.

Tom gave me such a hard time about waiting in line for the buffet, but I can not go to Wis Dells without eating there! Trevor loved the donuts!

After breakfast, we went on the Ducks. Its a vehicle that goes in and out of water. It was an hour long tour and Trevor enjoyed it very much!

It was a quick trip, but lots of fun! Trevor is just the easiest toddler around and goes with the flow. We drove to the cottage and played at the beach all afternoon. That evening, Tom headed home alone and my family drove up to the Milwaukee Irish fest.

This week has gone by fast and were ready for a low-key weekend at home. I have an OB appointment on Friday and will report back after that!


Ashley said...

Happy to hear your scan and blood work came back great!

Stace said...

I love that everything is looking great with the baby! :)

Trev is too cute, as always. You guys are always doing the most fun things... he's one lucky boy. :)

Caz said...

Great pictures, glad your doing well but girl you need to put on some more sun screen!