Monday, August 15, 2011

Mass Update

This blog has taken a back seat to life lately. Its about time I get it up to speed!

My Job
I mentioned before that I was going to be switching jobs. I had been very unhappy with my job the past 6ish months and had been keeping my ear open for something else to come along. My situation is tricky because I need to bring Trevor with me. I had a particularly rough week a while back and was ready to give my notice when they approached me and let me know the Mom will not be returning to work this fall. Talk about meant to be! I finished out my last 2 weeks with them and was very sad to say goodbye to the kids. I will miss them. Trevor will miss them. But this is whats best for us, no doubt about it. Itll be odd to change my schedule. I had the same one for 4.5 years! But, I welcome the change!

This week, I have lots of fun planned. Thursday night we head to the Dells for a few days and next Monday I start watching new kids.

Toms Job
Tom is pretty burnt out from work lately. They have him on a detail where he is moving 99% of the day. He is simply exhausted when he comes home. He is hoping to move to a different part of the department soon! His probation is over as of August 30th and he can test for other specialties then. His shift will change sometime in October. He is still working 7-3 with Fri & Sat off and it has made our summer great. He had to go in super early every day this week to request his vacation days off in October when we go to CA. You have to request exactly 60 days ahead of time and they only allow 5 people per day. So, he had to be the first one there to have a chance. He made it and can now look forward to 9 days off in mid-October!

Trevor Michael
This kid makes my world go round. I mean, really. He amazes me every day. His speech is exceptional. He talks in full sentences. He can say extremely difficult words. His memory is incredible. He had taken a new liking to all things monsters! His fave movies are Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Happy Feet, etc. He loves music and sings along to the kids CDs I keep in the car. He is learning his ABCs and colors right now. He can point out about 5 colors. He says the first and last part of the alphabet, forgets the middle! He likes dinosaurs, trains, cars, animals, and balls! Im brainstorming 2nd birthday ideas..Its hard to believe he has been hear almost 2 years!

Squishy Baby
I am just over 11 weeks pregnant! I have been a total slacker in taking belly pictures. I go for my NT scan this Thursday. I have been really tired since coming home from our trip. This upcoming week will be a nice break from the madness. We have been discussing names and have zero options for a boy. For that reason, I'm hoping for a girl. My boobs are still so sore but the nausea has gone away. I haven't gained any weight, but I am starving most of the day. I'm supposed to stop the endometrin and baby aspirin this weekend. I have a bit of a bump starting. I wore a jean skirt to the Taylor Swift concert Wednesday and it was uncomfortably tight. Trevor tells you there is a baby in Mamas belly and rubs Squishy.

We went back and forth about renting another year vs. buying and have been looking with our realtor for about a month. There are a few okay options, but were not in love yet. I am getting sick of our tiny condo and hoping to move before the winter hits us hard. Illinois is just so expensive, we need to move South.

I think that is suffecient for now. Happy Monday, all!


April said...

Yes, move south! heehee :) Tom could work with Josh!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Definitely move south! You can buy a nice 3 bedroom in SC for $150K. :)

Glad life is going well for you guys!

Heather said...

Just wanted to say congratulations on your upcoming arrival. I randomly came across your blog awhile back and have been hoping for good news! I too am pregnant with baby #2 - due in March! Based on my latest u/s I'm due March 3rd. It'll be fun to follow someone else due right around me!

Marcie said...

Just how far south are you wanting to move? Living in Mississippi, you never have to worry about a harsh winter! :)

Cori said...

Lots of good things in that update! Wohooo for almost being out of our first trimester!!!!!!

Mama B said...

Move South! :) Towards central IL. We rock down here :)

Rachie Pachie said...

Thanks for sharing on my blog! I forgot how good it feels to know someone is out there.

Loved looking through your blog & it is so cool how close our boys are & now little ones, too!

Glad to hear your new job situation will work better for ya & yay for hubby making it through probationary period!

Look forward to "getting to know" you! :)