Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Trip

Another week has flown by. Another week with no time to sit down. A week that has left me more exhausted than Ive been this entire pregnancy! I used my 10 free minutes earlier today to upload the pictures from our trip down to Atlanta last weekend. I knew I needed to do it quick before I forgot all the details.

We left work a few hours early on Thursday and made it to the airport with plenty of time. We grabbed some dinner, watched the planes and luggage carriers and tried to run off some energy. Our flight ended up getting delayed and I made sure we were almost last to board.

I was a little nervous about the flight since we took off after Trevors bed time. I brought snacks, treats, coloring books, books to read, a movie, etc. I was prepared! Trevor aah-ed and wow-ed as we took off and then I put a movie on for him. He sat on the left side of my body the entire flight! Barely moved; totally relaxed. It was awesome. We landed after 11pm, Atlanta time and Evans husband came to pick us up. Trevor dozed off the last 10 minutes of the ride and went to bed just fine.

Friday, I woke up to Evan saying hello. :) She gave me the info I needed to care for the kids all day and was off to work. I spent my day playing with the triplets and Trevor and we had so much fun! I was really happy to get to know them a bit better and to watch Trevor interact with them. Charlotte and Trevor got along the best, no surprise there.

Trevors fave place to play. He kept doing flips into the ball pit and putting tons of toys in there.

Friday night, we planned to go out for Evans birthday, but she was just too tired. She had a few friends come by instead. We had pizza and cookie cake. We stuffed goody bags and gossiped. It was laid back and fun.

Saturday was the triplets 2nd birthday bash! I stayed home with the kids while Evan and Stephen set up the party and we gave them early naps. The party was at Evans co-teachers house. We crossed our fingers for good weather and really lucked out. We ate bbq food, sang to 3 little miracles, enjoyed delicious cupcakes, opened presents and barely got drizzled on. I was in the pool 95% of the party, thanks to my water-lovin' boy. I met a few blog readers that Evan is friends with (Hello!!) and that was pretty cool. I would have loved to talk more and take pictures but I had Trevor to chase after.

The theme was pirates and princesses. Below is a treasure map, so cute!

We finished cleaning up and got the kids inside as it started to pour. We were so thankful the rain waited until we were done partying. The kids slept the whole ride back. In fact, Andrew and Bradley slept until the next morning! Trevor and Char enjoyed some play time together. They also took a bath in which Trevor washed Char's hair. We were dying of cuteness! It was another early night for the pregnant Mamas.

Sunday, we just hung out. Took a little stroll in the choo-choo. Had lots of playtime.

The trio went down for a nap and I needed to feed Trevor lunch. I pulled the kids table over and sat him in the middle of the kitchen. He looked too cute and way too old!

Boy legs=covered in bruises!!

After naps, we attempted some group pics outside. It really steamed up and they were not having it! The boys looked adorable in their stripes.

My fave of the trip. Trevor is saying, "What are you doing the rest of your life?" Charlotte responds, "Spending it with you."

Kisses for his girl.

Just before we left, Evan and I took a few pics of our sorta bellies together. We are 1 day apart and were both 10 weeks pregnant.

Squishy and Caboose love fest!

We said our goodbyes and were sad to leave, but really ready to see Daddy! Again, I was nervous about the flight. Again, he was an angel! Trevor and I sat on the aisle seat this time. He fell asleep as we took off and I woke him when we landed. Talk about icing on the cake! I was a little sad, thinking it was our last flight alone together. Its been nice to hop a plane to FL and GA three times the past year. Now that I will have to start paying for a seat for Trevor and will have a new baby to join the fun, it wont be a possibility! Its okay, Tom will have made it through his probation at work as of August 30th and then he can take days off and join us!

Trevor was so happy to see Tom. He gave him a full report of what we did. He talked about Anrew, Braddy and Charchar. It melted my heart.

We still need to plan our next meeting! There are a few ideas running through our heads..

Ill update about the changes in our life in the next few days. I need to get some sleep!


Amber said...

Looks like an amazing trip! Trevor is adorable and you look fantastic!

Ashley said...

Trevor looks so grown all of the sudden!

Tiffany said...

Trevor is getting so grown up. Looks like you guys had a blast. Holy Moly Evan really has her hands full. Triplets, pregnant, and working... gessshhh I thought I was busy. heheheeh. I MUST have that choo choo wagon. Can you find out where it came from?

Amber said...

Sounds like a busy but wonderful trip!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness..I havent been on blogger for months, so I am just reading that you are both pregnant!! how exciting! How awesome that you are both just one day apart!!
Lots of prayers for yall!!