Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Week

Ill never forget the text message I got back in October of a sparkly ring from my friend Samantha. Surprise, her and Brian were engaged. I asked when the wedding would be and was told July 23, 2011.

The past 9 months have FLOWN and we are down to the wire here. Having my entire family in the wedding..Tom is an usher, I am the matron of honor, Trevor the ring bearer and Delaney is a flower girl, too!..has kept me very busy. If having all of that responsibility wasn't enough, it is also Country Thunder weekend. Here is an itinerary of my week:

Monday-worked, got my eyebrows done, cleaned the condo.
Tuesday(today)-working, hair appt tonight.
Wednesday-work, run to Disney store to get a new toy to occupy Trevor in the church, pedicure with Sam and Delaney, stop by Sam's parents to drop off dresses and such.
Thursday-work, have 10 minutes at home to change, rehearsal, dinner, straight to cottage. (1.25 hr drive)
Friday-relax, get a manicure, swim, Country Thunder at night..Zac Brown Band, baby!
Saturday-leave cottage with Delaney at 7:30am, get hair and makeup done, pictures, Tom brings Trevor over, ceremony, reception, hopefully a happy toddler, party ends at 12:30am, possibly crashing at my parents?
Sunday-up early, back to cottage, boat all day until Josh Turner and Rascal Flatts at night. Sleep at cottage.
Monday-REST!! We both took the day off to recuperate. So thankful!
Tuesday-Get to see the baby again!

Mix the above with the fact that I am newly pregnant and exhausted 24/7 and the weather is supposed to continue to be upper 90's with over 100 degree heat index? I have no words.

I'm not complaining..this weekend will be so much fun, just draining. I promise to drink lots of water and not push myself too hard. I finished my speech yesterday and am pretty proud of it. I hope the day surpasses all of Samantha's dreams!

Wish me luck..:)


Renee said...

That is a big week! And this heat and early pregnancy probably won't make it easier. But it sounds like fun. And I'm super jealous of Country Thunder!!!

Molly said...

wow, busy! hope it all keeps your mind off the next u/s...it will be here quickly! praying for you!

Once Upon A Time said...

That is a lot of stuff going on! I'm glad for you that the worst of the heat and humidity should have broken by the weekend for you! Have a GREAT time!

Kirby and Anna said...

Wow... busy, but fun! Enjoy it :)