Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rehearsal and ZBB

Im trying to catch up on our wild weekend before too much time goes by! So, the rehearsal dinner was Thursday. I had to rush after work to get me, Trevor and Delaney ready and get to the church in 30 minutes. The rehearsal went okay. The woman helping us was not very..helpful. She didnt have answers to a lot of questions, but we knew we could handle it. There is a fountain right when you walk in and Trevor totally wanted to go swimming. I told Delaney to hold his hand so tight and not let him jump in! They walked in just before me and my groomsman, so that worked out great.

After the practice, we went to dinner in downtown Downers. It was good food and great company. There were 4 kids total in the wedding and they became fast friends. Sam and Brian gave great gifts. Trevor got two Snappy books, which is what she gets him every occasion. :) Delaney got a bride Barbie, Tom got a personalized football mug. Sam totally spoiled me and got me a prenatal massage, a Pandora charm, nail gift card, a lovie for the new baby, a Willow Tree angel and a cute basket to hold it all.

We got home super late Thursday and crashed. Friday, we got up early for our ultrasound appointment. Delaney came with and I had her stay by my head and told her a story about why I had to undress. I told her they put the gel very low. She bought it and loved seeing her cousin. Afterward, we went to the cottage. We planned to go on the boat all day but it was overcast and rained on and off. We lounged around the house and ate a ton of food. I came in from outside to find this. He looks good holding a girl, no?

After dinner, we headed to Country Thunder. It was the typical scene, muddy, humid, full of chaos and beer. We staked a spot on the left and waited for Zac Brown Band to come on. It was another late night for Trevor, but he did great.


Jer, Rylan, Me, Laney, Mom and Nicole

Look at those scrawny legs!

Nicole and Michael

Family of 4, thank you very much :)

Tom and his girl


Jay and Maggie

Me and Tommy

Trevor danced a ton and had a great time. He was so tired, he was literally walking in circles with his eyes closed. After a lot of rocking and shushing, he passed out and we set him in Rylans stroller. ZBB was phenomenal! I have seen most country artists live and they were one of the best! We got back to the house around 12 and I tried to fall asleep as soon as I could since I knew my alarm would be going off at 7am!!

Ill post wedding pics tomorrow!


Dana said...

great pics :D You and Delaney are def. twins!! Is that ur sister's child? I couldn't remember from before. Oh and ZBB is awesome. One of the band members went to highschool with me and I am soo proud of that :D hehe!! Love the picture of the family of four!! Praise God!!!!!!

adinadout said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! You have a beautiful family! I am on my first IVF right now and just had my retrieval couple of days ago. I have a question for you - why does your doctor have you take Baby Aspirin and when did you start taking it in your cycle? Do you also do Lovenox shots?