Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tomorrow is 6 days post..the day I always test. Its the day I tested with Trevor and saw those beautiful lines next to each other. Its the day I tested with FET #1&2, along with my last IVF cycle. Tomorrow morning, I WILL NOT test. Ill admit, I'm a bit tempted. But I will not. I am terrified of the result..so I will put off finding out my fate for another few days.

Focusing on something else, as I have all week, here are pics from my sisters baby "sprinkle" shower. As soon as she was finally pregnant with a healthy baby, I knew I would do this for her. I planned it for one week after the bridal shower I threw, so I was in shower overload for a while there. I cant even tell you how many trips I made to Party City that week..or how much money I spent at Sams Club! Thankfully, Jers great friend, Wendy, is a great cook and took care of a lot of the main food items.

I wanted the main dessert to be cupcake pops. Cake pops that are shaped like cupcakes(the theme of the sprinkle) and dipped in 2 colors. The instructions were so simple and I had every ingredient ready. Those darn things were almost the death of me! I couldn't get them to look like cupcakes, so I settled on making cake pops that were pink and brown(the colors of the sprinkle). I let my 40 balls sit overnight like directed and woke up cheerful and ready to get them dipped. Well, it was a disaster. They kept crumbling! I ended up with 14! I was so frustrated and crabby. Thankfully, we got everything set up in time and the shower was awesome! Oh yeah, and the cake pops were delicious! But, never again will I subject myself to that..

Me, the hostess, still pretty crabby

The best punch ever. Trevor was obsessed.

The sweet girls..and Trevor. :)

Mama and big brother, Tyler

Sissy with Brady and Laney

Maggie, my younger bros g/f, Sissy, Me and Nicole, my older brothers g/f!

Jeralyn with the kids

She got so many great gifts. Tons of clothes and bows, a lot of essentials, many things off her registry.

Toward the end of present giving. I forgot to get a pic of all I bought/made. I made that zebra blanket. I make one for each new baby in our fam. I bought her the picky sticky onesie numbers, 3 of the cutest bows Ive ever seen, a 1st bday cupcake shirt and bib(yes, a little early, but it matched SO perfectly!), that pink sign that says

Sister will you..

make believe

play dress up

let me be the princess

tell me stories in the dark

always be my friend?

She read it out loud and we both got choked up. I love my sister so much and cherish our friendship. And I love her kids like they are my own. I am so happy Delaney is getting her little sister. This new baby girl is beyond lucky to have her looking out for her.

Sam and I also paid for her to schedule a maternity photo shoot! She emailed the girl today and will be meeting with her soon!

She was so happy to get her stroller! That was the icing on the cake!

Speaking of cakes, I made this diaper cake! I am super proud of it and told her don't dare take it apart until she absolutely needs to use those diapers!

I am done throwing showers for a while. I just spoke with my best friend earlier today and it looks like their wedding will be Aug/Sept. 2012..so I have some time to recuperate.


Lori B. said...

It looks like your sister had a great "sprinkle." Will you post on Friday and update us? I will be waiting anxiously! Oh and it kinda made my morning to see you moved my blog to the "Expecting" section of your blog. :-)

B. Wilson said...

Thank you for struggling with cake pops. Seriously. I tried them, too. I failed miserably. I'm pretty sure Bakarella is a cake genius and has special powers because I couldn't do it!

Kahla said...

Looks like a wonderful sprinkle! I think the bond between sisters is so special and always wish I had one growing up (my identical twin passed when we were 6 weeks from SIDS). I think that's why I still want at least one more baby, perhaps a little sister for Princess.

Good luck on Friday, keeping everything crossed for you (I think it's Friday).

Robbie said...

Will you post the punch recipe? Also- for future reference, the secret to cake pops is to let them sit, then refrigerate them for a couple hours, then you dip them in hard shell- put the sprinkles on while it is still somewhat wet and pliable, and keep them in a cool place until you are ready to serve! I learned this the hard way- I like that they are so time consuming to make, that means I won't be making/eating a lot of them :)

beth ewing said...

glad you've had lots of fun things to take your mind off things. and your sister is very blessed to have you as a sister. it looks like a great shower. those pops look amazing. i was tempted to have you put up the recipe so i could try them but if they were that hard for you, i'm thinking i should not even try. hehe! and i'm glad you're not testing. i have to say i didn't test with either of my positives...not even once. and although i don't believe that is why they were positive i do believe that my relaxed state those months had to help a little bit.

Nichole said...

You did great! I have tried to make those cake pops too. FORGET IT! They were awful! Not sure what I did wrong, but like you, mine we falling apart. Never again! Best wishes with the waiting! :o)