Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Season

Part of our Memorial Day weekend was spent celebrating the marriage of my cousin, Courtney and her husband, Matt! They were married in the family church where Tom and I were and I was so excited to take Trevor back there. My sister was a bridesmaid and my nephew, Braydon, was the ring bearer! The ceremony was beautiful and Court was gorgeous. Trevor looked pretty handsome in his outfit. :)

We dropped Trevor back home and headed downtown for the reception. It was so much fun! My Moms family is so big, we only see some of the cousins at weddings and funerals. It was nice to catch up and party with everyone. It made me so excited for Sam's wedding in July. Tom and I were talking about seeing Trevor out on the dance floor. We cant wait!

My cute dance partner

Mom, Me, Sissy(& baby girl!)

Speaking of Sams wedding, her family shower was a few weeks ago. Trevor was asked to be there. Seriously, Sam adores Trevor more than anything. He had a great time devouring pasta and a huge cupcake.

I attempted to get a picture with my little angel. In his defense, he was playing chase with Daddy and I came outside and interrupted. He is so fake..

I call this one, Motherhood is glamorous

Whispering bribes into his ear..haha


Our pretty flowergirl

Me & the bride!

I am throwing the friends shower this Sunday. I get my dress fitted next week. Trevors kilt(yes, his KILT!) arrived last week. I nearly died of cuteness overload. July 23rd will be here before we know it!


JDub said...

Trevor is SO adorable! What a ham!

Where did you get your shower dress? It's adorable!

Kelly Nickrent said...

Did mommy or daddy end up changing the diaper at the wedding?