Sunday, March 20, 2011

IVF Round 2

We had our IVF appointment Friday morning. First up was bloodwork. I had my 3 vials done, which were used to test for infectious diseases. I went back to the waiting room and it was Toms turn. Im waiting, entertaining Trevor, waiting, distracting him from wanting to get out of the stroller..and waiting. I was wondering what was taking so long! They called the next person for blood and he still hadnt returned. Finally, a nurse called me back and said he had a little epsiode. I asked, "He fainted?!" She said no, almost. Apparently, his blood wasnt filling the tubes very quickly, so the nurse was rotating it around, trying to get the blood to flow. He was fine at first and then started to feel nauseous. They had him put his head between his legs and then lay down for a bit! She put us in another room and went to get Tom. I felt bad for him, but have been giving him SUCH a hard time about it. I mean, I have had my blood taken over 100 times because of this IF curse. I had to have 6 blood draws just to confirm my baby was gone..

Unfortunately, he felt crappy the majority of the day. My poor baby. I asked him if he was watching her "swivel stick" his vein and he said yes. That was the problem! Thank God I am the one who has to endure so many blood draws and injections.

Next up was our injection refresher. I am a pro at this! But, I was glad we refreshed about some of the meds I havent used in 2 yrs. Also, some of the medications are completely new to me because its a new clinic. My meds are Follistim, Ganirelix, low dose HCG, the HCG trigger shot, Endometrin and PIO. PIO is not part of the normal protocol, but I requested it again. I used it with IVF #1 and FET #2, both of which I got pregnant with. My meds should arrive on Wednesday. I am still waiting to hear the total cost from the pharmacy.

Last was the consent signing. At this point, Trevor was getting pretty antsy and wanted to use the cool pen Mama got to sign with. One of the receptionists was sweet and got him some stickers and a piece of paper. She is now on my good list at the clinic. :) We had reviewed all of the consents before and talked about our options. We signed my body away and that was it. I paid the $1200 cryo/storage fee. Then, we were off to resume a regular day.

I have until Friday to get my period. Today is day 28. If I get it Friday, I will go in Saturday for monitoring and start injections Sunday. If I start earlier, I'll take BC for a few days. If my body decides it hates me and I miss this group, I will start my injections on April 10th. Retrieval is usually 12 days after starting stims, give or take a day. We got everything taken care of that we needed to. Now we wait for the blood..

I was pretty sad after the appointment. Surprise, surprise! Soon, I will be swimming in a sea of daily injections, crazy hormones, fears for I need to go on? I cant believe we are here. It breaks my heart to think that I weaned Trevor back in October so we could get pregnant again. Its now March.

Today is the first day of Spring. I hope this season brings us closure from a rough winter, more sunshine, fun days outside, a successful IVF cycle and the start to a healthy pregnancy. :)


Shawna said...

Glad that you are on to your next step for baby and not in limbo anymore. I am wishing you tons of luck and baby dust. Hope Tom recovers fast!!

Kashif Javed said...

its really nice to know it
can you right a post about 4D ultrasounds its safe for babies?
any side effects of it please share your experience

Amber said...

I hope everything goes well! Stay strong :).

Jen said...

Hi Erin, just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you and am crossing fingers and toes that timing works out for this cycle!! Take care!

Kalle said...

I hope this spring brings you peace, joy and wonderful news.

Kahla said...

Wishing you all the luck in the world! Poor Tom! My husband would have something like that happen, he would never be able to do all the blood draws for an IVF! ;o) Hoping AF shows soon so you can get in on this round!

jenn said...

i know ivf SUCKS!!! and all the meds. and all the shots. and all the blood draws. and all the vag ultrasounds.....but try to keep your head up....just keep thinking of THE PRIZE YOU WILL GET IN THE END!!!!! hugs to you!!!!!