Monday, March 21, 2011

In My Head #2

1-Today is CD 30. I am getting antsy, yet trying hard not to. It occurred to me to try acupuncture! I remember doing it a while back and I was super late for my period. I went and it came HOURS later. I'm calling around tomorrow morning, trying to get an appt. asap. Why not give it a shot?

2-I taught Trevor to say "Help" when he needs something. He uses it the right way..and often. Its super cute.

3-We had a low key weekend. My BFF came into town and I got to hang with her twice. I'm so excited to help her plan her wedding!

4-Speaking of weddings, I have been really on top of plans for Sam's wedding shower in June. I'm trying to space out expense and made all of her invites, bought a tablecloths/plates/etc. from Party City and and am getting ready to purchase her favors. I ordered the outfit Trevor will wear and I could die its so cute. Sam is obsessed with Trevor so she will be equally thrilled. :)

5-I'm crazy about my husband. Like, as crazy as I was when we first started dating. Its such a great feeling. We will celebrate 5 years in May and I am SO proud of what we have conquered together thus far.

6-Why do I torture myself and watch TV shows like One Born Every Minute? All the newborns and birth stories..sigh.

7-Honestly, I'm freaked out at doing IVF again. It went smoothly last doesn't mean it will this time. Its different meds, a different doctor and 2 years later. I'm terrified we will get a call saying we have no embryos or something.

8-Trevor is getting 2 molars right now and is coping very well. He is a bit irritable, but looking at his swollen gums, I don't blame him!

9-I really, really want my sister to name my niece Rylan Faith. I still cant believe Ill be holding a new niece soon. I wonder how it'll feel?

10-After working 10 hours today, I went by my parents, dropped off Trevor and went for a run. This is HUGE! I haven't truly exercised since..uh, before Trevor was made! I am trying hard to stop living my life as thinking I'll be pregnant soon. There is no longer a chance of me having a round belly for summer, so I need to tighten it up so I can feel comfortable in a bikini.


Stace said...

These are my kind of posts... and exactly how I think!

We taught Colby how to say help with the sign first and then he caught on with the word. It's so funny because he kind hits his right fist into his open left hand and says "Elp! Elp!" so eagerly. The cutest. :)

I am sending you super positive vibes for this IVF. :) Here's to hoping that Trev is a big brother in the making by summer! :)

Sue said...

I am hoping everything goes well for this round of ivf. Great post :)

Patterson Family said...

LOVE the name Rylan! It was actually one of my top choices for Drake.

Crossing My Fingers said...

Hope you enjoyed your run! I ran to meet a friend for dinner tonight, that counts, right? LOL

Courtney said...

Aren't husbands the best? I still think I am the luckiest woman sometimes to have such a great husband. I love hearing stories where other women feel the same way.
I didn't post much during your recent loss, but I think about you often and hope that this next cycle comes quickly and is a big fat success!