Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(Almost) 16 Months

Trevor is nearly 16 months now and is our little sponge. He is learning new things every day and is so much fun. I never want to forget this time, so here is my attempt to record it.

He pretends he is sleeping. He makes the ha-shoo, ha-shoo snoring sound and lay down. We learned it at his music class. We would pretend we were sleeping and be woken up by instruments!

Speaking of which, he still looooves music. He dances in the car, if we are in a store, at home, any time he hears a good beat. Also, he likes when I sing to him. He sits on my lap, facing me and we sing and do hand motions for..Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, Twinkle Twinkle, etc. He signs more and gets so excited.

I watched him fall in love with Tyler last weekend. Tyler has always adored Trevor and Trevor is starting to return the love. They pushed each other around in the doll stroller, shared ice cream, gave kisses, chased each other and so much more. They going to be fun this summer, but a lot of trouble.

He has started to really play in his bed. More at nap time than night time. He takes the 4 animals off his mobile and throws them. Sometimes, he throws the other stuff in his crib out too. Tommy and I laugh when we are sitting together and hear him giggling after he has been in bed for 30 minutes.

He calls for Dada when he wake up from nap..only when Daddy is home. I don't know HOW he knows when he is there. He has never called for him while he has been gone.

Trevor finally says Baba. And boy, he says it a lot. He calls all of his cups baba. He has been drinking more lately, which is great! He is still taking 2 bottles a day. 1 in the morning and 1 before bed. Otherwise, its sippys all day.

His vocabulary is growing every day. New words are Up, close, please(SO CUTE!), Nanan(which is the ninny/pacifier), fish, yes, no, etc. He has been putting two words together. More snack, my baba. His newest word is please. It sounds like ease and its so soft and sweet. My favorite word, other than Mama!

He gives the best kisses..he makes the mmmmm sound and goes right for the lips. He blow kisses, too.

Trevor picked up playing peek a boo and has become quite the tickle monster. He makes this funny noise with his mouth(like when we say tickle, tickle fast) and rolls his wrists and tickles whoever is around. He thinks its hilarious.

He loves the giant giraffe next to his bed and usually asks to kiss/ride him after nap. I would say his favorite animal is a monkey, though. He has ahh, ahh when you ask what a monkey says or if he spots one. He has caught me off guard at places like Target and the mall and just started making the noise. He growls for the dog and says baa for the sheep.

Trevor loves when we growl/roar at him. Last week, we were driving home from dinner and Tom and I were both doing this. Trevor was laughing so hard. All of a sudden, he started commanding us to who should be roaring at him. He would yell DADADADA from the backseat until Tom did it. Then, he would request my roar with MAMAMAM. This went back and forth for while. Tom and I both laughed and said how this was one of the first times Trevor was "calling the shots!"

We started Mommy and Me gymnastics last week. I have been waiting for this day for a long time! Trevor was a rock star. You never would have guessed it was his first class. He followed directions, ran around grinning from ear to ear, didn't get upset when we had to move to the next activity. He loved the jump house, hula hoops and pit the most. There was a 21 month old boy there that he really hit it off with. They were playing together, giggling and hugging! I thought-I wish it were that easy for me to make friends!

We went to the mall to buy him new shoes a few days ago. Again, Trevor was an angel. He sat nice while the lady fitted him and tried on a few different pairs. He stuck his foot out willingly and you could tell he was really testing the shoes out as he walked around. The woman said how she could tell we spend a lot of time together. It was a compliment that warmed my heart. Trevor is a delight and its nice when others notice it too.

He understands everything. I mean everything. The other night, I was looking up a phone number on the computer and was too lazy to walk over to my purse and grab my cell. I asked Tom to throw me his. His was hijacked by Trevor and left on the floor in the other room. Tom asked Trevor to bring Daddy's phone to Mama. Sure enough, he walked it right over. Tom and I totally air high-fived at this. He is our little helper now!

He loves brushing his teeth. If you ask him if he wants to, he marches to his bathroom, opens the drawer, grabs the brush and paste and hands it to you. Pretty impressive!

Trevor has been a little bit pickier with foods lately and I am not happy about it. Every meal I go through the list of options and I always feel like we JUST fed him that. Its frustrating and I am hoping he starts eating better soon.

He loves holding hands. He likes that now I give him a chance to walk places while holding my hand. He does such a good job.

I say it every time, but he is our world. Trevor is the center that Tom and I revolve around. These past months have been so hard on us as a family and were so thankful we have Trevor.

Trevor is my saving grace.


Melissa said...

I think he totally looks like your hubby in the first pic. I can relate to the frustration for feeding. I have heard around 2 it gets worse and I will agree with that. There are days Cassie will totally skip dinner.

Sue said...

Wonderful post! He is an amazing little guy--we all knew he would be!! I agree with Melissa, he looks like Tom :)

Mush said...

He is totally gorgeous! xxx

Patterson Family said...

Wow! I love to read what Trevor is doing to see what Drake will be doing next. Thanks for sharing! He's such a cutie!!

Beth said...

Great post!

Cori said...

What a fun age! He is such a cutie!

beth ewing said...

he is such a sweetie. thanks for the congrats girl. i know it's hard...trust me i do. but i do appreciate it.

Staci said...

I feel yur pain with the eating issues. Max spoiled us by eating just about anything we put in front of him (and then he usually wanted seconds or thirds!) Once our girls came along however, we were introduced quickly to picky eating. I made their baby food and they didn't have too many issues then but once we started on more "table foods" everything went downhill.

As long as they are eating I don't mind but I have started trying to sneak some other stuff in wherever possible. Abby is 5 1/2 now and is finally starting to eat better but Lucy (3) will eat only the three bites I require or tell us she doesn't want to eat. Thankfully I can get her to eat raw carrots and some fruits! Ruby is only 15 months and is already getting picky on me. I keep telling myself it will pass :)