Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Loss

You are not going to believe this. I still don't want to believe this.

You know that post a few days back about how me and Evan were so in sync?

Take a second to read it if not.

Well, she miscarried her baby, too.

She began bleeding on Saturday and it was confirmed today that her baby is gone.

Just like mine are.

I never imagined in a million years we would have this in common. I never wanted to share this with her. We were supposed to share in joy, not sorrow.

I still cant believe it.

I guess our babies wanted to play together in heaven.

For those who asked before & those who want to give comfort now, her email is If you email her with your info, she can add you to her blog, which is private.


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I am so so sorry for you both!

King Quads said...

So so sorry for both of you.

Angela said...

Sigh...Totally not the thing you'd want to have in common. Praying for you both.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Oh my gosh. This is awful! I am so sorry for you and for Evan.

Jill said...

I know this is awful and I would never wish it on anyone, but at least you have each other, through yet another hiccup is this process...

I'm so sorry for the both of you and hope that very soon you both have luck that sticks! :)

Brittany said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry.

This happened to me also, with my cousin....twice. (believe it or not) We both miscarried weeks apart - TWO TIMES. It was a road we traveled together that only we understood and gave comfort to each other in our time of need. But there is HOPE - I have two little boys and she has twin girls - Praise God:) Hang in there.....


Mrs. Mama said...

just came across your blog... so sorry to hear this terrible news... for you both. will be thinking of her!