Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here I sit, 2 days after my FET. Last cycle, at this exact moment, I knew it didn't work. This time, I am undecided. On one hand, I feel nothing to make me believe I am pregnant. On the other hand, its really early.

I cant get over how convinced Tom is this time around. Last cycle, he wasn't really involved much. He never had to help with any injections and wasn't even at the transfer. He told me a few days before he didn't think it would work. I was devastated he would say that, but he then explained it seemed too easy. Apparently it was, as it did not work for us.

This cycle, he has been there 100% percent. Helping with injections when he can, telling me how were going to have 2 babies next Christmas, talking to my uterus every day..I am glad he is confident and excited, but am dreading the pain he will endure if this cycle is a bust.

My view is there is a 50/50 chance it worked. I hope we are on the right side of that 50!

Ill leave you with pictures of our snow day! Thanks to the blizzard, I had more time with Tom than I have since mid-December. It was the 3rd largest amount of snow on record.

Only 4 more days until testing..


Once Upon A Time said...

Love the pics!

Crossing my fingers for you!!!

Sue said...

Pics are fabulous. So hoping for 2 lines :)

Erin aka Mama Dub said...

February is a good month! It's my birthday Month. Therefore... That means good things happen in February! :) So praying for you guys!

Ps. ADORABLE pictures!

Nichole said...

Cute pictures! Crossing my fingers for you all! Best wishes! Hope that these 4 days pass quickly for you!

Mrs. Bee said...

Aww so glad you enjoyed your snow day together! You are still in my prayers. I can't imagine what you're going through right now having to wait it out. Sending the best of everything your way!


Amber said...

Love the snow pics! Sending positive vibes to you my dear :).

Brice Barnes said...

So jealous that you get to test in 4 days! It will work for you!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Good luck Erin! Brrr-your dog looks so cold!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Best of luck to you, Erin! I have every thing cross for you!