Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One

Our first week with our new schedule went pretty good. I had a tough time falling asleep without Tom on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was Toms first day off and he did some cleaning and went grocery shopping. Thursday he kept Trevor all day. I found out I don't enjoy work as much when hes not tagging along. Thursday evening we went to Olive Garden to use a gift card. It was delicious! Trevor devoured the alfredo pasta and bread sticks. We went with the couple who's wedding we attended back in September. It was nice to have no clean up, put Trevor right to bed and watch Greys.

The cheese face is back..only in small doses

We were able to spend the first half of Friday, Saturday and Sunday together. Saturday night, Trev and I had dinner by my parents and I put him to bed there. I went out with my best friend, Jamie, for another friends birthday. We went to a new bar that was really nice. I rode the bull-completely sober. Moms gone wild. ;) I picked Trevor up around 11, went home and waited up for Tom.

Love that sweet profile

Today, Trevor and I went to meet with Sam and try on bridesmaid dresses! We were there for 2 full hours and Trevor was an angel! He sat in the stroller and had lunch, followed by a sucker for a special treat. Then, we let him walk around and roam. He blew me away; I was expecting it to be a disaster!

We picked and purchased the dress! Its maternity friendly, in case I am pregnant. Sam knows were trying, but not about the FET. In fact, Ive kept my lips sealed and am loving that its our little secret. I ordered the size I fit into today and they said it would be no problem to exchange it later if needed. We also chose the shoes, which I will refer to as The Sexiest Bridesmaid Shoes Ever Made. I'm not a big shoe person(Ive had the same pairs of dress shoes for years!), but I was excited to wear cute ones since the dress is shorter. The ones we picked are now discontinued, so we purchased those today too. Here they are-

Crappy pic because no one knows how to use my camera

Trevor and I played allll night, after we got home. I organized his toys a bunch and we watched a little of Toy Story 3.

Heres a look at my week:

Monday-work, eyebrow appt.

Tuesday-work, swim class

Wednesday-work, hair appt.

Thursday-work, pack, manicure.

Friday-drop car at dealer, 1st music class, straight to airport!

I purposely waited until this week to look pretty before the trip.

In FET #2 news-its day 15 and not much to report. I take my last BCP on Wednesday and should bleed about 2 days later. Im going to make my blood and ultrasound appt for the Tuesday we return, my birthday! Then, Ill start the estrace pills and get a lining check the following week. I experience waves of hope and then get mad at myself for allowing it. Its a vicious cycle, I tell ya!


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

LOVE that cheese face! He is such a cutie.

I am hoping this cycle is a good one for you!

Bobbi said...

Love the pregnancy-friendly bridesmaid dress. :) I'm a complete dork because all along I thought you were doing a fresh IVF cycle this time around. Man, I need to pay closer attention, LOL! I'm really hoping this FET works out for you. Having our negative results come around Christmas was so hard, huh? But it's a new year and a new cycle and we WILL bring a sibling to each of our little ones, right??? RIGHT!!!! :) Thinking about you!

Cori said...

I am sure the new schedule will take time adjusting to, but I am sure you will rock it just like everything else:) My husband travels a bunch for work and sleeping alone is so not my favorite, but I have gotten a little better! Love the dress, super cute.

Mrs. Bee said...

Love love love his cheese face!

Secondly- those shoes ARE the sexiest shoes ever! Love them!

Third- you guys look so pretty in your dresses! I hope you end up with a bump when it's time for the wedding- either way you're still going to look gorgeous!!

Amber said...

Love the cheese face too! :) Jax has that same exact music instrument set. He loves it and plays with the instruments constantly! :)

Amber said...

SO cute...I LOVE those shoes, too!

Sounds like you have lots planned so hopefully the time will go quickly before your transfer.

Meant to be a mom said...

First of all my prayers are with you!!!!

Second, Trevor is just getting so big. He sounds like he's such a well tempered little boy.