Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Trend

Today has been a bad "mental" day for me. Last Tuesday, I felt terrible about things. Sensing a trend here..

When Tom leaves for work on Sunday, we dont see him again until Wednesday evening. By Tuesday morning, I am over it. I need some adult interaction! I take care of kids all day, go home and care for Trevor, put him to bed and then am all alone. This is giving me wayyyy too much time to dwell on my thoughts.

Chubber thighs and monster feet
Trevors newest thing is to play with his mattress before nap. This is how I found him yesterday. He moved the mattress completely to the side and was sleeping on the bottom. It couldnt have been comfortable!

He loves her SO much. He gives her kisses, says Hiiiiii and tries to help feed her the bottle. Babies taking care of babies, huh?

14 months today!
When I look at those pictures and see what my week has been like so far, how can I complain?


Mommy said...

I have been reading your blog for a while, but have never commented. I went through some fertility and pregnancy issues, but not near what you have. My husband also works ungodly hours/days. You will never feel "normal" because you are kind of like a single mom a lot of the time, but you will eventually learn some tricks and come up with a good routine and a new normal for you. It's not always easy, but we do what we've got to do! Good luck adapting!

Mama Laughlin said...

Haha, Tucker does that with his pack n play too! How funny!
He's so precious!!!

Crossing My Fingers said...

He's a cutie Erin!

Cin said...

Hi Erin,

You need to schedule in some regular Mommy and friend time. Make a regular thing of having certain friends over those empty nights or speak to someone on Skype.

Having been the Mum of two small children when my husband worked nights makes me understand completely where you are coming from. Its awful, I know. Chin up chook, it will get better. You will find your routine. I promise.

Nathan and Megan said...

Trevor is adorable! You are right- he would love the Shedd at this age. Reddington LOVED it. He wouldn't have cared if he didn't move from the same tank the entire time! My husband worked 1st shift, then 2nd shift, & now 3rd. It does take some major adjusting! You will not take your time for granted anymore. You can do it! Hang in there! AND yes, it does suck :)

J said...

Just to let yo know, you sould be able to velcro the mattress of the pack n play to the base of the pack n play. Uless playing with the mattress helps trevor tire himself out! =)