Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Us Bear fans are still recovering from their loss 2 weeks back. It hurts knowing they are not playing today..There are a lot of new Steeler fans in Chicago for the day. :)
That being said, Trevor will always be a die hard Chicago Bears fan. Or Daddy may disown him. Here he is on our last game of the season. I babysit some friends kids while they attended the game. Ella is 3 months older than Trevor and its been so fun watching them grow together. That day, I told Ella to give Trevor a hug. Apparently hug means french kiss to her. They were smooching all night. I had mixed feelings of my little boy getting his first real kiss and absorbing just how sweet he is!

He even put his arm around her, what a gentlemen.

They LOST?!?!
We were supposed to hang with the same kids today, while the parents attended a party. Unfortunately, Trevor is sick. Really, really sick. He woke up yesterday with a 104 degree fever! I stripped him down, gave him medicine, put him in the bath and called the doc. We took him in and they tested for flu. Negative. Its just a nasty virus and she said his fever could last 4-8 days. He has a terrible cough, goopy eye and runny nose, too. I was tag teaming with Motrin and Tylonel all day and his fever stayed steady around 102. When Tom came home, we got him up to check him. His fever was the lowest it'd been, 99.5. We set our alarm for 3am and he felt fine. He got up at 7:30 and could immediatley tell how sick he was. Sure enough, fever of 104.3! He downed his bottle thankfully and just layed there..trying to get comfortable, breathing heavy, whining, just miserable.
After some medicine, juice, yogurt and a few popsicles, he pepped up a bit. He played with my Mom while Tom and I went to a baby shower for an hour. Hes sleeping now and I hope he wakes up feeling better. I may head by my parents tonight for the game. Me and my mind stuck at home the past few nights has been unbearable.
I hope this high fever is gone for good. 104 is way too high for my comfort.


Shawna said...

hope trev gets feeling better!! take care mama

Amber said...

Oh no! That is scary. Hope Trevor is feeling better real soon!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I hope he is feeling better soon!

He's such a ladies man, already making out with girls!

Tracy said...

Aw..I hope Trev gets feeling better the poor boy. We just went through all that fun stuff a couple weeks ago. It's so sad seeing your babies sick. Hoping and praying you'll be adding another addition to your cute family soon! Can't wait to hear!