Friday, January 21, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

Alright, picking up from Saturday morning. I got literally 2 hours of sleep before Trevor was up for the day. We went downstairs, ate breakfast and played with the kids for a bit. I layed him down for a morning nap and slept right along with him. I was so thankful that worked out, I don't know how I could have functioned without that nap!
After naps, we loaded in the van and went to the aquarium. Evan and I got the boys matching sweaters..we had this planned for months. The common color was grey, so we made sure Charlotte had a grey dress. They all looked sooo stinkin cute!

Charlotte and her silly clapping
Sweet Andrew
Silly Bradley

Goofy Trevor
Trevor goes nuts over fish and I knew he would just love the aquarium. It was huge! We loved the moving walkway with the tank all around us. Trevor's favorite animals were the penguins. He was squealing at them so loud.

We have a really great aquarium in Chicago. One things the Georgia aquarium had was whale sharks-the largest sharks around. They were enormous. I was completely enthralled.

We met Deepo, the mascot. Trevor liked him! He also loved being out of the stroller and running around. He does a pretty good job of holding your hand and listening when you tell him to go a certain way. But, sometimes, he goes wherever he wants.

We picked out a penguin from the gift shop for Trevor's souvenir. Then, we stopped at a drive thru called the Varsity to bring dinner home. It was really good.
After the kids ate, we attempted a photo shoot. It was a bust. Better luck next time?

We gave the kids a quick bath and put them to bed.

I was surprised we made it until 10pm. We were so tired and went to bed the second Desperate Housewives was over. Trevor slept great. So, I slept great. Ill post pics of our last day another time. There are lots of them..


Nic said...

I have been to that aquarium twice when I visited my folks. It is amazing!

cady said...

I need to take Lucy down to the aquarium. It's great. The walkway is my favorite part. Everyone down here loves The Varsity!

beth ewing said...

we live in Savannah only about 4 hours from Atlanta. i've been wanting to do the aquarium as everyone says it is awesome. now i think i will. oh and the varsity is an Atlanta musts do. glad you got to experience it.

teamjinfred said...

Lol! I've never heard anyone say the varsity is really good...then again, I've lived here in Atlanta for nearly 10 years and everyone gets stomach cramps after. But I do love their frozen orange.

I love the aquarium. Haven't been in a little while, but we may take our almost 3 month old sometime next month. I know she may be too little, but she can stare at the colors, lol.

Mrs. Bee said...

Looks like such a fun day! I absolutely adore the last photo of Trevor with the bottle hanging out of his mouth! Totally precious!