Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazing Email

Speaking of baby #2-you wont believe the email I received a few weeks ago. Read below:

"Hi Erin - I know this is going to seem very strange to receive an email (a very long, detailed one at that!) from someone you don't know. I have been reading your blog for about 18 months, I happened upon it one day from Elaine's "faithfulness through infertility" blog. I got pregnant with my daughter E right around the same time you got pregnant with Trevor, and I loved reading your experiences through your pregnancy since we were going through similar things at the same time. E was born a week before her due date on October 27, 2009 J. I've commented on your blog a few times, and I hesitated to contact you now, especially since I know your last post was that you're having a rough week (month?!)

So here comes the part where I sound crazy - please bear with me. I had my first miscarriage in 2006, before I had my first baby, and wound up "meeting" a group of girls on babycenter, eventually the core group wound up being about 30 women, we've long since left BBC and started a private group who have been together for nearly 4 years now. Except for the one girl, Nancy (whom I talk about below), all of them women I'm telling you about are from that board.
This might look like a forward, but it's not... but it's a long story!
Many years ago, my aunt's sister was married and went to Hawaii on their honeymoon (this was in the 1960's I think) and when they were there they bought this fertility "statue" that allegedly would bring fertility to its possessor. They thought it was a cute idea to pick up on their honeymoon so they bought one. It worked - and it started making the rounds through their family and friends until it got to the point that it was working TOO well and they finally had to hide it away in the attic of one of their aunts who was much older, well past childbearing age. It went dormant for like 25 years.

In 1999, I started working with this girl Nancy who was 10 years older than me and had been trying to get pregnant for a few years before I met her (which is now 12 years ago). She had cancer in her early 20's and they believe the treatment screwed up her reproductive system. My mom had told me about the statue and when I heard about it, I asked my aunt to try and find it so that I could lend it to my friend.

Nancy did finally get pregnant through IVF in 2003 and miscarried 2 days before my wedding L. So aside from the fact that she couldn't attend my wedding, I was devastated for her because I knew how much she wanted this and they had already been trying for like 5 years at that point!!

Fast forward to 2006, they had been looking for a long time and never found the statue because the aunt has long since passed away and the contents of her home were packed up and spread out to different relatives. They eventually found it and it was passed among some people in my aunt's family and finally they asked my mom if I still wanted it for my friend. This was at the beginning of November 2006. My mom mentioned it to me at my niece's birthday party - 2 days after I got my BFP with my son but I wasn't telling my family yet. My cousin's wife had it (by the way, her son Aiden was born on 7/6/07) and didn't "need" it anymore, so she was ready to pass it on. So I told my mom that I definitely wanted to send it to Nancy, and my mom said "but what are you going to do, it's very powerful and you are 'eligible...'" and I told my mom I'd wear rubber gloves or something so that I wouldn't be affected by it (my family didn't know about the m/c and never even knew we were trying. So basically my mom was fishing for info and that was not the answer she wanted!!)

Anyway I had been out of touch with Nancy for a while but I contacted her, she was then 41, and asked her if they were still trying to do IVF (it was now like 8+ years into TTC so I didn't know if they had stopped at that point). She said it was amazing timing because they had just switched insurance companies so the new company was going to let them do one round, which they were starting the process in January 2007, so I sent it to her. Needless to say, she got pregnant that round and had her son Joseph in December 2007.

When I got it back from her in August 2007, I asked my friend Sarah if she wanted it. She has PCOS and had already had a few miscarriages (all conceived by IUI) and several unsuccessful IUI’s. Her doctor was starting to lean towards doing IVF, and they had to take a month off before starting the meds for that. They were on the "break" the cycle that she got it, but she put it in her drawer as instructed... and got pregnant with her daughter that month (without meds).

When I got it back from her, I sent this same email to another girl from the board, Kellie, who had done a couple of rounds of IUI and were also about to move on to IVF. She got it in July and was pregnant in August (again, without medical intervention) with her son, who was born in May 2009.

At this point, the girls on my board had been together for more than 2 years, and some were still trying to get pregnant with their first baby following the miscarriages in 2006.

So, I got it back from Kelly in October 2008, and I then asked my friend Michelle if she wanted it, and she said yes - it arrived to her on the MORNING OF HER IUI. She got pregnant with triplets! I guess it worked 3 times as hard for her J and though she lost one in the first trimester, she now has her twin girls to show for it.

When Michelle sent it back, I sent it to Sarah again, whose daughter was then 10 months old and they were ready to start trying for their second baby. This time, she had just met with her RE and he told her that her ovaries looked terrible there was no way that she could get pregnant on her own this time. By the time she got it, she was already on like CD30 with no signs of O and was giving up on the cycle. She ovulated on CD35 and got pregnant with her second daughter, who was born December 28, 2009.

When I got it back from Sarah, I asked my friend Kara if she wanted it. She had her first son in 2008 as the result of IVF, but she’s 43 and her egg quality isn’t good, and they didn’t want to go through IVF again. So, they decided to just try to get pregnant on their own (her husband has issues as well) and I sent her the statue. At the same time, they put themselves on a list for donor embryos, but were told there was an 18-month wait. So, I sent it to her and they started trying on their own but didn’t conceive. But, they got a call that they had somehow been bumped to the top of the donor list – she’s now 16 weeks pregnant and finding out next week what they’re having. (Coincidentally, with her son, they had been told by three separate techs throughout her pregnancy that they were having a girl – they found out around 35 weeks that it was a boy!)

So now she’s sending the statue back to me. There isn’t anyone on our board who is actively TTC right now, and while we are thinking about starting to try for #3, I’ve never kept it for myself and don’t want to start now – I think it’s better karma to keep it moving . And surprisingly, I don’t have anyone “in real life” who is trying right now either (or at least, no one that I know of). So I was driving the other day, and suddenly it popped into my head that I should send it to “the girl from the peanut blog.” I’ve hesitated sending you this email because I know it sounds a little insane, plus I have two kids now (and E started crawling this week!) so I hardly get the time to sit down and type anything out like this! But, something made me want to contact you, so here it is. I’m actually a little overwhelmed just reading about all these pregnancies! Of course, it’s probably all just coincidence that all of those girls got pregnant after receiving the statue… but it’s a nice coincidence.

If you’d like me to send it to you, I’d be happy to. I’d just ask that you send it back when you’re done with it, which would hopefully be a wonderful surprise very soon! If not, that’s OK too – I just wanted to give you the opportunity since I know by reading your blog that baby #2 has been on your mind for a long time!

With warmest regards,

UNBELIEVABLE! I read it, picked my jaw up off the floor, called Tom over, he read it and joked it should have paused with a bathroom break in the middle, and we both had these goofy smiles on. HECK YES we wanted that statue! I emailed J back and told her please and thank you. In addition, she offered me her pricey CBEFertility Monitor. Days later, I got a package in the mail including the statue, monitor and a few pregnancy tests for good luck. (It was all wrapped in pink tissue, so I think its a sign we will have a girl next time!) We rubbed the statue on Trevor, gave it a kiss and put it in my underwear drawer as instructed. I'm anxious to use the monitor but have to wait until my next cycle begins. Cycle day 49 and counting! Ugh, I don't know why I thought Id have regular cycles after having a baby!

I cant get over the kind, generous, supportive women I have encountered with this silly blog. Thank you to each of you. Whether you comment every post, send sweet emails, have commented once, have prayed for us, have sent us something, etc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank YOU, J for sharing your story and thinking of me. I hope to be passing this package on very soon. ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Numero Dos

Okay, Ive gotta be honest here. I REALLY want to be pregnant again. Like, where I get sad when I realize I am not and I have no idea when I will be. Pregnant bellies dont bother me like they did before..but it still stings to see them. And boy do you see them in the summer time!

I know I have a new baby. He is young and consuming our every second right now. But, I want more. Im greedy and needy. I want to expand our family. I want to be pregnant. I love being pregnant. I miss those kicks, baby hiccups, exciting appointments, sweet comments, etc.

That being said..I am terrified of the process of getting pregnant. Trevor took us 25 months and IVF. I cant stop wondering that this next baby will take. I have no control, just like Trevor. I just have hope, prayers and a great support system. :)

My biggest fear is a future FET not working. Those four little frozen possibilites are..babies. Kinda Trevors twins..since they were concieved on the same day. If they transfer two into me in the next few months and they dont stick..I cant imagine how thatd feel. We were so fortunate for our first IVF cycle to work. I feel like were playing with fire in expecting our first FET to work too. And knowing that those embryos are just like Trevor. Ouch, that would be tough to get past.

I am anxious and excited to start the process of another baby. I just wish I knew there was a happy ending, just like Trevor.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers Day

We spent Fathers Day weekend at the cottage and had tons of fun. The weather was gorgeous! We really enjoyed the boat and soaked up the sun. Note-Mama got a little pink. ;)

We had a terrible storm here Friday afternoon and we decided to wait it out rather than try to beat it. We left shortly after it started raining and were anxious to get to the cottage. Our drive is usually a bit over an hour. It took us 3.5 hours! It was absolutely miserable! Trevor slept for a bit but then woke up and was hungry and poopy. I had no anticipated such a long drive and was not prepared. We ended up pulling in a Culvers parking lot to grab food and stick a boob in his mouth. I have no shame. We were exhausted and relieved when we finally got to Twin Lakes!

Saturday we spent the majority of the day on the boat. Trevor does awesome on it. He often falls asleep and we just bring the bouncer to set him in. There is a nice canopy that keeps about half the boat shady, so that's helpful. I bought him a swim cover that's UV protected, too. I like my baby pale..

I absolutely love being at the cottage. Its so relaxing, even with 5 kids running around. The whole day revolves around Trevor and he gets lots of extra lovin. I'm pretty sure he loves it, too.

We made a little trip to Walmart to get cards for Sunday and came home with new jammies. How cute are these two?!?

Sunday, I let Tom get extra sleep and entertained Trevor in the morning. I was so excited for him to wake up and get his gift! I played dumb for about a month saying how I had no clue what to get him and I even joked that I bought it while we were at Walmart. I ended up getting him a professional flight lesson! My girlfriend told me about this awesome airport where you get to fly the plane yourself and I chose the package to fly over downtown Chicago! I payed extra so I could go with. I am really excited for Tom and he was very surprised and happy!

Later, we went to Lake Geneva to walk around and enjoy the day. It was wonderful.

Last year on Fathers Day, we were at the cottage and we announced we were having a GIRL! Haha This year, we had the best weekend with our baby boy. I have a man in my life that loves me and Trevor more than anything. I am one lucky girl!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ellen Details

So, I mentioned last week that Id be going to see Ellen. A few months back I got an email from the Chicago Theatre announcing she was coming. I called my girlfriend Sam and we had tickets the next day. I thought this was going to be an hour long stand up show. It turned out to be one of the better nights Ive ever had!

She was taping the TBS Special airing this Sunday, the 27th. We were the real audience. We paused for commercials, were told when to clap, etc. Ellen was awesome. She came out and everyone went wild. She joked for a few minutes and said she forgot something. She ran off stage for a minute and came back with..THE STANLEY CUP AND THE BLACKHAWKS! The crowd went nuts! Im not sure if you heard, but the Hawks won the Cup a few weeks ago and its kinda a big deal. It was amazing to see it in the same building! What an awesome surprise!

Anyway, the show went on and Ellen was the host for the variety show. There was a trampoline act, a magician, local comedian, and other great acts. Nick Cannon was the guest DJ for the night, too! The whole show was just blowing our minds because we hadn't expected anything more than seeing Ellen for a bit.

All of a sudden they were setting up for a band and they announced that Lady Antebellum would be performing. Uhm, WHAT?! I was floored. They are one of my favorite bands. I actually blogged a while back about seeing then at Soldier Field. I actually met them and have their autographs. It was the icing on the cake to a perfect night! They performed their new song for the show and at the very end performed Need You Now for everyone.

It was seriously so much fun and it makes us want to see Ellen's show in CA even more. I have been watching the site for tickets and submitted a few times. I sure how we get picked soon. :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I MUST add two words-Yee Haw!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seven Months

Trevor is just over seven months now and changing every day. I officially do not feel like hes a little baby anymore. He is such a big boy! He continues to be the reason our world turns every day.

He has turned into quite the Mamas boy. He reaches for me when someone else is holding him. If I set him down and walk away, he cries Mamamama. He doesn't say Mama on command yet, only when he is crying for me. He has even gotten jealous of the new baby a few times. Of course, I don't mind have a Mamas boy..not one bit.
Trevor is super close to crawling. He gets up on all fours and rocks. He just cant quite get how to move his arms forward. I give it a week and bet he will be on the go. Even though he doesn't crawl, it amazes me how he can get around. Scooting on his booty, rolling, sliding backwards. Hes a wild man!
He has such a fun personality. He throws his voice and is constantly giggling. Sometimes he looks at us and his eyes are begging for him to be tickled. And boy, is he ticklish. Every inch of his body is ticklish. The best spots are his neck and inner thighs. :0)
Trevor is still sleeping terribly. He falls asleep in his crib, awake, with no problems. Yet, he has been waking many times a night. I think he has figured out that if he cries, Mama comes and brings him to bed with her. He is not hungry, but I give him a boob to quiet him and fall back asleep. I always wake up with my shirt up and a boob out.
His teething has been on and off. He was super fussy last week but better since Friday. He had a low grade fever for over a week so we took him in to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. They said nope, just the teeth. Poor guy, I wish I could teethe for him.
He has gone back to battling the bottle. Ugh. He fights it and only eats it if he is starving. I haven't started the weaning process and am dreading it.
He looks so much like his Daddy, its scary. Other than thouse baby blues. Im so proud to have passed those to him.
Trevor knows his name and responds to it. Tyler called him by it for this first time this weekend. He usually calls him baby or my baby. But, Saturday, he was Revah!
He has quite the temper. If you take away something he wants, he screams and arches his back. He thinks everything within his reach is his to grab.

His favorite past time is pulling hair. I am not a fan of this! I contemplated buying him Barbies so he can go town..but decided to borrow some of Delaney's instead.
He has become very picky with what he eats. He also learned how to blow raspberries when he has a mouth full of something he doesn't care for.
He adores the dogs. He will make noises at them so they come over. He has pulled their hair a few times and they've kept their distance since.
He lights up around kids. Then again, he is always around other kids. He probably doesn't realize he is an only child. (Not for long, lets hope!!!)
Trevor has started to enter the "stranger danger" phase. He doesn't cry when others talk to him, but will stare at then with a serious face and hold on tight.
He has a new fish face where he pulls his lips in. Ill have to get a picture of that.
It blows me away how independent his is now. I can set him down on the floor with a few toys and he will play for hours.
He loves riding in shopping carts! Almost as much as Mommy likes shopping. ;)
He knows how to shake his head "no". At first, he was just mimick-ing me, but now, he does it when you say no, no, no.
The lip, oh, the lip. He knows how to pucker that thing out and get whatever he wants.
He is an all time faker. Fake cough, fake giggle, he does it to be silly and get attention.
He is a big snuggler. He gives kisses and hugs and loves to be held.
There are a million other details I wanted to include, yet, cant think of them now. Ill add more later.
I have LOTS more to blog about and promise to do so this week. We bought my laptop tonight(I have the best husband alive!) so that should make this easier. Although, Tom is working double shifts tomorrow-Saturday, so I'm on my own with baby T.
Reminder to self about upcoming blogs-
Special email/package
Fathers Day
Baby #2
Happy Monday, everyone!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomorrow Night

Guess who gets to go see this girl tomorrow night...

Me! ME! Me! ME! Me! ME!
I am pumped.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Gadget

This weekend, I convinced the Hubby that I need a new laptop so I can blog at work while everyone is napping! Yayyyy!!
Now I just need to find a reasonably priced one..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi, friends. Trevor here. :) Mama is super tired from all the chaos the past two weeks and is resting. She gave me permission to start the updating from back when it stopped, Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is always fun for Mamas family, since Uncle Mikes and Auntie Jeralyns birthdays are the week before. Mama and I picked Daddy up from work so we could get a head start on the drive to the cottage. We took Tyler, my cousin exactly one year older, with, so Auntie Jeralyn could rest. She was pretty sad over the weekend and I just tried to smile extra to make her feel better.

When we got to the cottage, Tyler and I played. I LOVE playing on the floor now that I'm a big boy and sit up. There are lots of fun toys at the cottage and Tyler did a great job sharing with me. I really love Tyler and light up when I see him. He always says Hiiiiii baby to me. My new favorite activity is pulling hair and Tyler has great hair to grab on to. He would cry when I pulled his hair, run and tell on me and then come back for another round. What a silly kid!

Mamas good friend, Sam, and her new boyfriend, Brian, came up to visit. Sam adores me and gave me lots of love before bedtime. Apparently the adults did some heavy drinking after I fell asleep. I didn't care, I enjoyed snoozing upstairs.

On Saturday, we went to the beach. Down the hill is a private beach for the subdivision we own the home in. I played in the sand and even in the water. Mama was sure I wouldn't like the cold lake water, but I didn't mind one bit. I just love to splash, splash, splash.

The family's new pontoon boat was picked up that day and we were all so excited to ride it. Daddy even let me drive! I fell asleep on the boat a few times; Mama is a good cushion.

I took my first sink bath that weekend. I really liked it!

On Sunday, I woke up and used my mesh feeder to try banana for the first time. I really loved it! And I made a big mess. I also tried watermelon and it was yummy, too!

We took more rides on the boat that day. My cousin Delaney loves me so much and is always hugging and kissing me. She pretends she is my Mommy.

We went fast this day and I wore a cool life jacket. I fell asleep again; its hard to stay awake when you're on a boat!
We had a huge BBQ on the beach that evening. Tyler suggested I try and Oreo and Mama couldn't tell me no. I loved it!

My cousin Mikey loves me too. He is 11 years old today. Mama says he is the reason she loves me so much. She became his Auntie at age 12 and wanted to be a Mom ever since. He was being funny jumping up and down. I giggled every time!

Monday was a rainy day in Wisconsin. My family headed home and ran errands the rest of the day. It was a nice way to end the weekend.
Mama says I am fortunate to have a summer home and boat. We are thankful to my Ama and Grandpa for providing us with such a fun place to gather. We are going this weekend, too. I cant wait!
Mama says to say hello and thank you to everyone. She says this blog is the greatest blessing. I thought I was the greatest blessing..hmm.
Ive gotta go get me some boob. Goodnight.