Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

Last weekend we took our little family vacation to Wisconsin Dells. I got off work an hour before Tom and frantically tried to clean the house, pack our bags, etc. We had to drop the dogs by my parents house, drop Toms work uniform at the cleaners, grab dinner and get gas, too. We finally got on the road at 7pm. Trevor was great in the car. The first half of the 3 hour drive, I sat in the back with him and watched Finding Nemo.

Then, I joined Daddy in the front and Trevor fell asleep. It started to snow as we pulled up to check in at the hotel. We were so glad to have beat it! We got into our room and Trevor thought it was party time. He was playful and fun. We finally decided he needed to go to bed at around 11. We tried turning the lights off and setting him in his pack and play. He just stood there, giggling and could still see us. So, we put him in the bathroom. He fell asleep in a few minutes and then we pulled him back out into the main room.

We woke up to quite a bit of snow. We were happy to have nowhere to go.

We went to one of the lobby's and had breakfast. Trevor tried eggs a few weeks ago and has grown to love them.

We went back to the room and napped Trevor in the bathroom. After a little tickle session..

Finally, after a snack, we got to check out the water parks! The hotel had 3 separate parks; all were great! Trevor stuck to the steering wheels, water shooters, and slides. I was really glad the water was warm.

He could have done without the jumperoo

At the second water park, Trevor went on a few bigger slides. He constantly ooh-ed at the big slides and tree house. He would just sit there and stare at the kids. He is a total people watcher. We went on the lazy river, which was heavenly. We sat in a double tube, Trevor on Toms chest, and floated for so long. Trevor took everything in. He waved at the lifeguards, every single lap. It couldn't have been better.
We let Trevor nap again and headed out to dinner at one of our fave locations, Moosejaw. Its a brewery and restaurant with amazing food. Trevor had his own little pizza.

We went back to one of the water parks for about an hour before calling it a night. Trevor slept great and was ready to go on Sunday. We had some fruit and donuts for breakfast, thank God for mini fridges. :) We walked around the hotel and arcade for a bit and put Trevor down early. I ran to the outlet mall and got a few good deals. I returned to the hotel to a leftover-pizza-eatin-monster! Si denote: he loves holding that little lotion from the hotel. Carried it around all weekend!
We packed up, checked out and went to the final water park. Trevor really enjoyed this kid section. He was such a ham and wanted to play with all the other kids.

He wasn't sure of the wave pool at first, but warmed up after about 10 minutes. We decided at the end to take him on one of the family rafts. I know, evil parents! It was fast, dark and wet! He was scared at first but did fine and had no tears. He will forgive us one day.

We headed out earlier than anticipated. It was nice to get home and still have some of our Sunday to get ready for the week. The little getaway was exactly what we needed and we hope to go again next December!


Stace said...

And you get to do it again next year with at least 1 (maybe more!) more kiddo in tow!

Ashley said...

Ooo ooo I recognize where you stayed! I'm from central Wisconsin and took my family on a mini vaca to the Wilderness last year during spring break and we had such a blast! They have some great water parks! Loved seeing all of your pictures and hearing about all of the fun you all had! Hopefully next year you'll have another little one (or more!) in tow!

Mama KC said...

It looks like you had so much fun!

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Feel free to check my page out too. :-)

KC @ One + One = Four

Lori B. said...

Small world!! The Wilderness Resort is where my husband and I went on our honeymoon!! It looks like yall had a blast!

Strobels said...

So adorable. Now following!

twondra said...

Looks like so much fun! I LOVE the Dells!

Once Upon A Time said...

Awww- you make me excited for our first family trip to the Dells!