Saturday, December 18, 2010

Too Easy

I apologize for the delay in updating. It has been a busy, overwhelming, great, few days! Wednesday night, Tom, Trevor and I went to the airport to pick Evan up. We stopped to get her a Portillos hot dog on the way home. Although, she got the most "un-Chicago" kind..only ketchup. :) She liked it.

Trevor and Tom went to bed while we stayed up watching reality TV, talking and planning for the next day. Evan was sleeping in our guest bed, which is in Trevor's room. We went to bed around 11 and Trevor, who hasn't woken up in the middle of the night in months, woke up screaming at 1:30am. I picked him up, gave him a bottle in hopes to get back to bed asap, and cuddled him. He just layed on my chest and fell back asleep. I swear he knew something big was going on. He wanted to snuggle Mama on the last night it was just the 2 of us.

He did go back down but I barely slept. I was so darn nervous about having no embryos make it through the thaw process. My alarm went off at 5:30 and I kissed Tommy goodbye and hopped in the shower. I got Trevor up about 6:30 and finished getting everything ready to go. I ended up wearing my zip-up that I wore on our honeymoon that says Mrs. Robertson on the back. Also, I wore the same socks as with Trevor's cycle, and an infertility necklace which I added Toms wedding band too. It felt like he was there with us.

We dropped Trevor at my sisters house and were on the road. We made great time, barely hitting any traffic. The nurse gave incredible directions and we sat down in the office 5 minutes early. I signed some papers and only waited a minute or two. We were taken back and told I was next. Everything was happening so fast. I was glad because waiting=worrying. I got in my gown and Evan in her suit. I was put on a few monitors and spoke with the doctor. Thankfully, our first 2 thawed beautifully and we still have 2 frozen!! That was such a relief and it makes me feel like they're really strong.

I was wheeled back to the OR. They put some warm blankets on me and Evan sat next to me. The whole transfer process took about 10 minutes. It was a bit painful, but not too bad. Evan was ordered not to cry, so I wouldn't get emotional. She did good. We were shown the little blips on the screen. There are officially 2 embryos in my uterus! Below, the embryos are the two whitish circles in the center toward the top!

We went back to the room and I had to lay for 30 minutes. We talked about how this is IT! Everything lined up beautifully..Tom has his career, Evan was able to be there, etc. We kept saying it was just too easy. IVF was rough. This whole FET process was a walk in the park. Evan stressed that the whole doctor change/moving embryos was my hard part of this cycle. After that mess was over, its been soo easy.

Here I am with my necklace, socks and BABIES!

After 30 minutes, I was released with no restrictions. I was tired from the emotional stress of the day and lack of sleep the night before, otherwise I felt great. The surgical center was right on Michigan Avenue, so we dropped a few things in the car and did a little shopping. Evan came here to be my support, but I had to show her some of what Chicago has to offer.
American Girl store-I feel like I am 5 when I go in there!

We had lunch at Cheesecake factory, which ironically is where Evan and her hubby went after they're 1st ultrasound with the triplets! Evan and I just talked and talked. I feel like I know her that much more after this trip. Our bond is amazing and I cant wait to continue to grow closer. One line Evan said that I will forever remember was, "I wish I had a camera in your uterus so I could see whats going on right now!" My response? WHO says that?! Haha

Showing off the John Hancock
After lunch, Evan wanted to take a picture by Harpo studios. That turned into an adventure! My navigation was going berserk and her phone took us in the wrong direction! After 25 minutes of driving, we finally found it! It was worth it for this picture:
Still reading? Here's where it gets even better! So, we go back to my sisters house to pick up Trevor. He did great there and had tons of fun with Tyler. We chatted with my Mom and sister for a few minutes about how the morning went. My sister goes into the kitchen and comes out with AN ULTRASOUND PICUTURE!! OF HER 11 WEEK OLD BABY! She showed it to me and I bawled. Evan cried, there were tears all around. I couldn't believe it! Apparently, she had the same issues as her 2 miscarriages, spotting, early ultrasound with no heartbeat, etc. She actually went to the ultrasound while we were downtown. Thankfully, the baby is healthy with a strong heartbeat and was moving like crazy! She is due July 8th! She didn't want to tell me about it while I was going through the FET process. I am shocked and ecstatic. I get to be an Auntie again!! And were sure its a girl! This convinces me 100% more that I will see two lines next week. My sister and I have always wanted to be pregnant together. This is her last child, so this is our last chance!! And the babies would only be about 2 months apart. Its gotta happen..
Evan, Trevor and I went back to our house and we put Trev down for a nap. Evan and I were lazy bums and lounged for a few hours. Tom got home and we gave him all the great news of the day. He was thrilled. We finally got up and headed out to see Delaney's 1st school program! She sang a few songs and did a great job. Evan and I laughed the entire time at the chaos that is my family. Tyler was ordering Tom to get over here now, Trevor was given a chocolate pretzel which metled in his palm and was everywhere..She said that as much as she would love for us to move South and be closer, she couldnt imagine us taking Trevor away from all that fun.

We went to bed quite a bit earlier on Thursday night. I crossed my fingers Trevor would sleep better for Evans sake, but he was up at 2:30am! Apparently, he knew he had a roommate. Tom occupied him for a while and he went back to sleep. Tom headed to work early and the 3 of us slept until 8. We had a very low key day, breakfast, bath for Trev, a nurses visit for his follow up flu shot. FYI-distracting him with a sucker was genius! He cried for 5 seconds and was over it! We went to a local mall and then headed home. We picked up Giordano's pizza on the way back and Evan said it was the best pizza shes ever had. I happen to agree.

She may kill me for posting a pic of her near a Pepsi. Apparently southerners drink Coke? Ew.

Trevor napped and we hung out. He got up and we played for an hour or so. Trevor mastered walking this past week and it was nice for Evan to be a part of such a big milestone.

We checked Evan in for her flight and had to head out around 3:30pm. We wished she could have stayed forever, but she had 4 important people waiting for her at home.

Driving to the airport, I told Evan how I could give her a whole speech about how much this meant to me. I didn't need to. She knows. I didn't want to start crying, she didn't want to cry. We left it as that. A simple understanding of a friendship deeper than most, all because of IVF and 4 miracle babies(Soon to be a few more!?) The only reason it didn't completely break my heart when she left, is we are flying down to visit on Jan 14th, less than a month!
To sum it up, I am Pregnant until Proven Otherwise! My Sissy is pregnant with a healthy baby after 2 terrible miscarriages! I got to spend 48 hours with my sister at heart! Trevor is a real toddler! And Tom was placed in division 6 at the jail, which is NOT the maximum security! (Phew)
Its been a pretty good week. Somehow, I think next week will be even better..


Nichole said...

What a great time! Best wishes and cannot wait to hear the news! :o)

cady said...
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Mush said...

It all sounds so amazing! Looking forward to hearing the good news xxx

Amber said...

So exciting, Erin! Glad everything went well and congrats to your sister!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all that!!! Sounds like a great time and tell those little embryos in you to grow, grow, grow!

grace said...

I'm so glad everything went so good. I hope those embies decide they like their new home.

Ketchup on Portillos - Sacrilige!!! I hope you went through the drive-thru so you didn't see the evil eyes as you were ordering ;)

Courtney and the Boys said...

Hey there...longtime reader here coming out of lurking to comment and tell you how excited I am for you. Praying for two lines!!!

kim_brough said...

Ha. The thing I noticed the most is that you drink Pepsi! Blech!

Good luck on this venture! said...

What wonderful news all around! Congratulations to your sister - and how exciting that you'll be pregnant together. I have to say - I've lived in the Chicago area my whole life, and my Portillos hot dog order has always been ketchup & onion only. Sacrilege perhaps, but so tasty!

Bren said...

I cried when I read about your sisters ultrasound!!! How amazing. I am so happy for you both. I can't wait to hear about you taking a pregnancy test and it coming out positive because I just know it will!

Jessica said...

Many prayers that this cycle goes exactly as Trevor's did! Can't wait to see those two lines in a few days :). That statue in your drawer is going to do her job, I just know it!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

It doesn't sound like it could've went any better:D SO Happy to hear how great everything has turned out!

I had to laugh about the "pepsi".lol I'm from south Mississippi and I love Coke. However Pepsi takes like a Flat Coke to me:P and I It does seem that most people prefer Coke in the South now that I think about it.

Also I was so happy to hear about your sister's wonderful News. That is Amazing!

Looking forward to hearing some more amazing News from you very soon;)


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I'm so excited for you! I am so glad that everything went so well, and will be praying for you guys and your babies. :)

And congratulations to your sweet sister! That is amazing news!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Oh yeah, and Pepsi? Terrible!

prettybyrdie said...

Glad to read that so many things are coming together for you! The last time you had a positive test I had one too. Wondering if I'm in for number two?