Monday, December 6, 2010

My Monday

Its been quite a day. Let me recap.

5:45-wake Trevor earlier than usual, hurry to get us to the doc on time.

6:35-arrive early, quick blood and ultrasound. My lining is 7.26 triple stripe. They want 8 or 9.

7-text Evan telling her the update, saying I really hope the transfer is set for the 16th

7:05-treat myself to hot cocoa from DD

7:30-1pm-work, trying to not stare at the phone

1:30-get call from the nurse. Am told all looks well, a ton of medication info, and to be downtown next Thurs at 8:30 am with a full bladder.

1:31-FREAK OUT! Its really happening!! Feel the need to cry, scream, jump!

1:32-text Evan, give a big update.

4:30-talk to Tommy after work. Express my excitement.

5:00-7:00-text continuously with Evan. They go something like this..

Me:What do you think I should bring with to make Tom present at the transfer? His wedding ring?
Evan:Let me think..I really wish I could be there.
Me:I wish you could do.
Evan:What if I can?
Me:How can you possibly make that happen?
Evan:I'm an angel :)
Me:Holy crap, your flight is booked?!


I have stopped smiling in 3 hours. The fact that she will leave her 3 beautiful babies and sweet husband states away to hold my hand while my frozen babies are placed inside me..that is the love of a best friend. I hope these next 9 days pass quickly!

I bump the estrace up to 6 tablets a day from Wed-Sat. Then, I lower to 4. Ill stop the lupron on Saturday and begin the vaginal suppositories. Ill maintain that simple medication plan until the morning on the 16th. This whole FET thing is a breeze compared to IVF..


Evan Nicole said...

First of all, Im no angel. You would be there for me in a heartbeat and you know it. And you are DEF MY angel, as I dont know I would have survived the last 2 years of my life without you! Im just excited I get to spend more than 8 hours with you. And I get to play with my Trevie. Charlotte is already super jealous.

Bobbi said...

I smiled so much reading this post!!!!! I can FEEL your excitement! Your transfer is going to be right around the time of mine, if not the same day! :)

grace said...

That's so exciting. I had a beta due on Christmas in 2007, had to wait until the 26th. But, I did poas...

IWhat a sweet friend to come be with you!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

YAY!!! I'm SO EXCITED for You, and its good to know that FET is a breeze compared to IVF. That is so Wonderful that your friend is coming to be with you since your hubby can't be there:D

My FET will be put off for a while it seems, but for the Best reason! Against all odds it appears we have a natural pregnancy miracle! We are so happy, and I can't even describe how shocked I am.

Can't wait to share pregnancy with you;)


Nicole said...

That's SOOOO EXCITING!! I lve how close you two got :)
And yes, don't you love how much easier (though not emotionally, unless Trev is helping there) an FET is from a fresh? Phew!
SO EXCITING that it's actually scheduled, for sure, happening next week!!!!!!! I really am thrilled for you!

Erin said...

Erin - aaaahhhh I am jumping up and down with excitement for you! I can't believe you are going to be pregnant again in 9 days. I think I would have perma-grin from now until then too. I am so glad Evan can be there with you since Tom can't. I have visions of BFP's dancing in my head...

Jersey Beth said...

So exciting!! Drink lots of cranberry juice, it helps with the lining. (took me from a 9 to a 13 last FET)
GOOD LUCK and hugs the your BFF for being a rock star.

Crossing My Fingers said...

How exciting!!! Good luck girlie!

Bren said...

Erin, my pregnancy hormones are causing me to totally tear up right now! I am so happy for you to get to do your transfer soon!!!
I was wondering, did they tell you if you are only transfering two or do they have to take eggs from the other set of frozen ones? I know you were hoping to just have the the two to save the others for another time.

Ashley said...

So excited for you honey!

Stephanie said...

The 2 of you have such a beautiful friendship!!
I'm so glad she will be here to hold your hand!!
I know she will be exactly what you need!!