Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love vacationing and think its something you should do often! You only live once, so why not visit as many fun and beautiful places as possible?! That being said, vacations will be hard for us to take in the next few years. Tom gets the standard 2 weeks vacation/sick days with his job. But, he wants to get out of the jail asap and therefore, does not want to take any unnecessary days the 1st year. Our 5 year anniversary trip in May we have talked about since day 1? Not happenin'! At least not in May. Were looking to go away next October, as a late anniversary trip/Trevor's 2nd bday trip. That will depend on if we buy a house this summer and how many babies we bring into the world in 2011!!

Anyway, as soon as Tommy started the academy, I told him I wanted to go to Wisconsin Dells right before he graduates! Our family weekends will soon be gone and I wanted to have one last special celebration. We went to the Dells last year in December, with our 6 week old little dude. We really enjoyed the family time, even if Trevor slept a lot. :) I hope to make this trip an annual thing. Here is Trevor last year, checking out the water park..
I shopped around for weeks, trying to find the best deal. I was super excited when I called last week and got a king suite for $82/night at one of the best water park hotels! We are heading up on Friday, as soon as we get off work. I cant wait to see my little water loving maniac enjoying the water park!

Shortly after I returned from visiting with the triplets in September, I started to plan a trip to visit them at their home! Trevor and I will be flying down January 14-17th. My birthday is the 18th, so its a present from Tom. Evan and Stephen generously offered to let us hop in their car and stay at their house, making it an inexpensive trip for us! I cant wait to see what Evan cooks up for us during the 72 hours were there. ;) AND I cant wait for Trevor and Charlotte to pick up where they left off..


Melissa said...

We are going to the Dells soon as well. Were staying at the Grey Wolf Lodge for 2 nights...can't wait! (We actually just booked it this afternoon)

twondra said...

Love the Dells! It's so much fun! I hope you have a great time! Wished we lived closer to the Dells so we could meet up.:)