Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Embryo Transfer

After roughly 20 phone calls/messages left, I arranged to move our embryos from the old clinic to the new one last Friday. One important requirement was we had to get the release form notarized because Tom would not be present to sign. I forgot about it all last weekend..and worked late Monday-Wednesday. Thursday evening was our last chance before Fridays morning appointment. I called our bank and made sure someone would be available around 6:30 pm. They said they have someone there until close, which was at 7pm. I rushed home, we fed Trev and got there as quickly as possible. We had the form notarized and were on our way.

When we got back in the car, I set the paper in the door so it wouldn't bend. I told myself to move stuff around and put it somewhere else. We stopped at the Currency Exchange to pay for our license sticker and then went to Spirit to get some face paint. (That went to very good use.) We got home, and I was writing down addresses to plug into our navigation and it dawned on me, OH MY GOSH, I LEFT THE SHEET IN THE DOOR! WE HAVE HAD HIGH WINDS FOR DAYS! THERE IS NO WAY IT IS STILL THERE..

I run outside and open the door. Its gone. I run back inside, start to cry and tell Tom what happened. Its my own fault for forgetting, but I got distracted and was relaxed for having everything lined up.

I start brainstorming what to do..I had the file saved, so I was able to print a new sheet out. A blank sheet with no notary! After a few minutes of freaking out, I realize that on the sheet, it says the Partners signature is optional. I think that the next morning, I will go back to the bank, get it notarized with my signature and add Toms in afterward. Hoping they wouldn't mark something on that line..It was my only hope.

I didn't sleep at all that night, I was so nervous. I wake up and text my friend that works downtown, asking if she knows any notaries. She informs me that her Mom is and she is available for the next 30 minutes before her meeting. I decide to rush out of the house to her rather than take the chance of the bank not working out. I flew down the highway and arrived to her 5 minutes before her meeting. Nothing like high stress!

I drove straight to the first clinic, gave them the sheet with my $150 check and walked out with my embryos. They were crazy over Trevor..saying how beautiful and sweet he was. I kept telling them HE is why I needed those embryos! I was showing Trevor around, telling him how he was made there and put inside me there. He doesn't understand, but it meant a lot for me to have him there.

I was supposed to have to pay $250 to borrow the tank, but after they cleared up a few misunderstandings, I was able to use it for free. Anyway, we got back to the car and took a few pictures. The first pictures I have of Trevor and his..siblings, kinda-sorta-twins?! He liked em. :) We said a prayer for them and I gave them a pep talk.

Next, we drove to the new clinic. Luckily, it was only about 8 minutes away. We found free parking-unheard of in Chicago!-and walked in. I filled out some paperwork and gave the embryos to them. Trevor and I walked over to DD and enjoyed a bagel breakfast date. We returned 15 minutes later to pick up the tank. We drove back to the first clinic, thanked them for the tank and were finally on our way home.
It was a long, ridiculously stressful day. I was so happy to call my nurse and let her know the embryos are where they are supposed to be! I'm on CD29 and should get my period any day. Then we will get started on putting those babies where they belong!


☆ Loren ☆ said...

Praying very strongly for You, Tom, Trevor and your future siblings for Trev!! :) As always your my inspiration to keep on trucking through this journey!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Wow! What an Eventful day you had! Sounded a bit stressful, but looks like your all set to have your precious little ones placed inside you right where they belong:) So excited to follow you through this FET!!!


Ps. Great pics of Trevor and his siblings!

Shawna said...

congrats on the big move. Love the pics!!!

Staci said...

Sounds like a crazy day! There isn't anything a mom won't do for her babies is there? Praying everything goes well putting the baby(ies) where they belog :)

Mrs.Joe said...

I'm glad everything is in it's place now - I can only imagine how stressful that must have been! I'm praying for your family of 3+ to be!

Mrs. B said...

I'm SO glad everything ended up working out, Erin! I'll be thinking of you praying that everything goes smoothly! **hugs**

Mama Laughlin said...

What a great picture of Trev and his brothers/sisters!

Praying for you guys!

Becca said...

What great pictures... so cute to see Trevor next to his future siblings! I usually don't comment, but I felt the need to this time. I know how much it annoys me when people ask/tell me about parenting things, but I feel the need to give you the information: Did you know that Trevor is very likely still within the rear-facing limits for his car seat (less than 35lb and his head not within 1 inch of the shell) and that he would be 5 times safer rear facing? My two and a half year old still rides rear-facing after I looked into it more. Again, not trying to question your decisions, just making sure you are making an informed one. There are some great websites out there such as and (American Academy of Pediatrics) to check out if you want to.

Mush said...

Yay, things are moving along. The pictures in the car are brilliant. One day you can show all your babies that picture, how cool will that be!

Hope you are ok and can relax a little bit now x

Crossing My Fingers said...

Woohoo on saving the $250!!! Glad it all worked out and I love those pictures of Trevor and his siblings.

jenn said...

i absolutly love those pictures of trevor with his "siblings"!!!!