Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birth Day

These first few pictures are from the day before his birthday. What can I say? He had a few outfits to wear to I started on the day I was in labor with him.

Trevor's real birthday was last Thursday, on Veterans Day. Fortunately, Tom had the day off and was able to be a part of the celebration. Trevor woke up while I was getting ready for work. We snuggled as a family and sang Happy Birthday. Once Trevor had his bottle, he headed straight to his fave new toy-The Police Coupe from Evan and the triplets. This is his good morning picture..
I went to work without him and felt so incomplete! Trevor got to play with Daddy all morning and take a nap in his own crib. I had Tommy take a picture of him at his birth minute-8:18am. Apparently they were busy playing on the bed.

Our normal Thursday morning includes story time at the library. I wanted Tom to see how cute Trevor is there, so they met me and the kids there. Then, we left and headed to the train restaurant for lunch! This restaurant has a special significance for me and Trev. Last year, on Nov 18th, we went there for Tyler's 1st birthday. Trevor was one week old. It was the first time we had a big outing, the first time I wore my old jeans, the first time I put on make up and felt like I could go in public! We hope to continue the tradition and take our future children there.

Trevor was a big fan! He enjoyed chicken nuggets and fruit. He watched the trains go by and got very excited. He had a cupcake brought to him on a train. It was a great time.
I left and finished my work day. Tom and Trevor went home. Trevor fell asleep in the car. He still looks like a baby in this pic.

Our whole night at home was low key and perfect! We simply played for hours. We had mac and cheese for dinner-Trevor's favorite. We sang again. And again. We hugged and kissed and soaked in every bit of the night. I read him his birthday books and we tucked him in.

Tom and I relaxed and I drank some wine to celebrate making it through our first year. Plus, I didn't want an open bottle staring at me every time I opened the fridge. ;)

I took my first birth control that evening, too! I still cant get over the fact that Day 1 was Trevor's birthday. I think that's Gods way of saying..Okay, you focused on just Trevor for a year..now you may have another. :)


Amber said...

Sounds like an amazing day! We're going to get Jax that police car maybe for his birthday. I love it! Great pics and I loved all of Trevor's outfits! :)

Nichole said...

Great pictures! I wish I was as good at taking pictures these days! Good luck with TTC #2!

Amber said...

Sounds like a great day! I've heard a lot of people talking about this train restaurant. What's it called? I want to tell my friend about it.