Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bear Down Bash

We had Trevor's second, 1st birthday bash last weekend. It was the exact opposite of his Mickey party. Just friends, Trevor was the only child, the menu and decorations were simple. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon. This is the invite I found-which I loved. It was perfect!

I did minimal decorations. There was no need to go overboard when everyone was roughly 24. We had about 16 of our closest friends, without children, come over for the game. We mingled, watched the Bears kick butt, ate chili mac, gossiped, were entertained by Trevor. It was so much fun!

During half time, we did presents. Trevor got so many great gifts...a ride on giraffe, Little People car wash, books, gift cards, puzzles, everything a 1 yr old wold love! He is a professional present opener now.

I didn't get a big cake for this party. I was so DONE with cake. So, I ordered a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields and it was delicious! Everyone devoured it. I may have had 4 pieces. :)

I went ahead and made one batch of cupcakes and used half for Trevor's cake. He had the same reaction..stare at candles, then wreck the cake! Daddy helped with the frosting this time.

Trevor had a quick bath and changed into outfit #2. Good thing he has roughly 6 Bears outfits.

It was such a fun day. That is the kind of party I wouldn't mind throwing every year. A week later, were finally done exchanging gifts and finding new homes for the presents. I cant wait until we move into a bigger place and can have a play room!

Tom is heading to the Bears game this coming Sunday. I got him the tickets for running the marathon back in October. I hope the weather cooperates; were supposed to have a drastic drop in temperature later this week!


Amber said...

What fun! Love the football baby legs!

Shawna said...

I love the pic of Trevor with cake on his face looking at the camera. It looks like it says "Ok, I am cool and I know it." So stinking cute!!!

Kalle said...

What a great Birthday. This was much like the one we threw for Emmett. I love, love the football socks - wherever did you find them?

Bren said...

This is exactly the kind of party my husband would love for our first child, boy or girl lol. He is a Michigan Wolverines fan so with the first pregnancy prior to the miscarriage I got him a cute onsie set.
Anyway I can't wait to see if you are going to get a BFP soon!
I just got one on Saturday so off to get blood work in a week. It will be nice to have a blog pregnancy buddy so hurry up and get pregnant!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Can you talk to my husband? I ran a marathon and all I got was ice cream! LOL/JK-He knows ice cream is the way to my heart. Sounds like a cute/fun friend party for T.

LORI said...

Super cute party!! (both of them) I bet the low key one was such a blast...the big shindigs are such a stress!!

Good luck with all your Cashew-prep...fingers crossed for you through the holidays!! :)