Monday, November 22, 2010

1 Year Check-Up

I took Trevor to his 1 year well visit on Friday. I am really missing our old doctor. :( She was so thorough and took a lot of time asking and answering questions. This new doctor was in the room for less than 10 minutes. She quickly went over the chart, checked him out and was gone. She is pregnant and due in Jan, so I guess it'll be a good time to try a different doctor in the practice. The only thing she did say was to try to get him off the bottle in the next month. Honestly, I don't see that happening. I'm not in any huge rush. My goal is to have him off the pacifier/bottle by the 15 month appointment. One thing at a time..

Trevor is growing perfectly. He was 22lb 6 oz., which was the 42nd percentile. He was 31 inches, which is the 82nd percentile. I still cant get over how skinny he is now! He was 99th for the first 8 months of his life.

Trevor made a few calls while we waited for the nurse to come in with the shots.

The shots were TERRIBLE! He never really noticed them as an infant and barely cried at his 9 month appointment. This time? He was hysterical from the first prick and he had to have 4 in his thighs! He took so long to recover, he was whimpering for nearly 30 minutes. Talk about breaking my heart. Of course, this was the one appointment I made during the day and didn't have Tom around to help. Never again, I tell you!
We went home and had raspberries and spaghetti for lunch. He ate it at first and then realized how fun it was to throw. It was in his hair, on the wall, on the floor and on the dogs back! This kid is such a maniac.

I kept a close eye on him the rest of the day. Shots make me nervous. He had a low temp before bed and the next morning. I was warned about a rash and other reactions, but we skipped those. Trevor was in great spirits and you never would have guessed we were both traumatized earlier that day. :0)


The Thai Family said...

I can see why the pediatrician would recommend getting him off the bottle sooner than later. You'll have less of a struggle transitioning. If he already takes a sippy of water during the day just try his milk in it. He should be fine if he's proficient with a sippy already. I had all three of my kids transitioned with taking formula in a sippy around 10/11 months so that there wasn't too much fuss. But they were already taking water in sippy cups and were very used to the change in flow, etc.

Kriss said...

I think every pedi recommends getting them off the bottle at a year. I listened to my doctors advice and then did what I wanted. :) I started transitioning him to a sippy cup with half milk and half formula and then slowing removed the formula. The only bottle he got was a night night bottle and then I would brush his teeth before putting him to bed. His last bottle was at 17 months. Why rush it? They are still very much babies at 12mths and even at 3my youngest son is still a baby in my eyes. I would just do what is best for your family and 15-18 months is a good time line.

Alicia said...

Every child is different and you are his Mom so you can decide when it is appropriate to take the bottle away. I have let all 3 of my kids give it up on their own. There is no need to rush.

Amber said...

Trevor is just so stinking cute! Love the spaghetti pics! :)

Shannon said...

Our babies were born on the same day! I am a new follower to your blog. It's gorgeous! And your little boy is adorable! Good luck with your new IVF journey. My husband and I are waiting on a re-referal to our RE to TTC #2.

Amber said...

Poor kid! Glad he was back to himself soon. I hate those shots, too!

I am already worrying about the transition to sippy cup. Drake just plays with the cup now, so it could be interesting. Good luck!