Monday, October 4, 2010

Trevor Tidbits

Somehow, it is October. Tom is in his 6th week of the academy. There are 7 days until Trevor turns 11 months. The holidays are approaching us quickly. I soak in every second of every day, knowing how special this time I spend with our miracle is. A little miracle I need to talk about(Before he goes and grows up on me!):

~Trevor is on a fantastic schedule. Monday-Thursday, we really stick to it. He goes with the flow Friday-Sunday, but we try not to throw him off too much. M-Th, either he wakes or I wake him around 6:30. He gets dressed, nurses, and we drive to work. He has breakfast, plays and takes a 45 min-1hr nap around 8:30 or 9. He wakes, has a bottle and snack. He has lunch around 11:30 and takes a 2-3 hour nap after. He wakes, has a bottle and snack. We eat dinner as soon as we get home at 6. We keep him up as long as possible, but he has been nursing super fast and going to bed between 7:30 and 8pm. He sleeps through the night without fail. F-Sun, he will sleep a bit later. Then, our entire day is just an hour or so behind. On occasion, he skips his morning nap but then will fall asleep in the car. He can function on a 20 minute cat nap.

~He takes a bath every other day. Tom still does it. He still loves it.

~He has thinned out tremendously. Where did my chunky monkey go?!

~Trevor loves to be funny. If you laugh, he laughs. He is constantly playing with his tongue, blowing raspberries, yelling..he loves attention and knows how to get it.

~He loves stairs. And is really awesome at them. He knows how to go down them too. He goes face forward, very cautiously.

~Trevor loves to climb/go under things. We recently bought him a play tent and tunnel and he loves them.

~He is taking an interest in books. If I set him in his room to play, the first thing he does is grab a book from the shelf.

~He is super ticklish. His sweet spots are his inner thigh, armpit and neck. :0)

~Trevor loves having his teeth brushed. And his ears cleaned. He sits so still.

~Trev can say Mama, Dada, Baba. He can sign dog and no.

~He crawls really fast and is so ready to walk. I give it a few more weeks for him to get the courage to let go for more than 5 seconds.

~He has become quite attached to me lately. Even more than before. He also is more apprehensive around strangers.

~One of his favorite pasttimes is jumping on our bed. He thinks its so funny.

~He only gets his pacifier, which we call Ninny, in the car and to sleep.

~He sleeps in really funny positions and moves a ton during the night. We find him with his butt in the air most often.

~He dances! If you put on a good beat, he cant help but move his body up and down. SO cute!

~We go to a library storytime on Tuesdays and he really enjoys it.

~I took him to a trial Gymbo class this week. He loved it, but we don't have the availability this month to sign up. I'm thinking in January when Toms shift changes.

~He loves music. If he is fussy while being changed, I sing and he sits still.

~He isn't a fan of whole milk. Ive been giving him sips here and there to get him used to the taste. He pretty much spits it out. Considering he has only gotten warm breast milk from the tap or in a bottle, I think its too cold for him. I'm going to try warming it up and see how he does. I have a few more weeks supply of BM left, but he needs to get used to the new milk.

~Trevor doesn't fit into most of his fall 12-18 month clothes. I told ya he was skinny.

~He is a funny mixture of fearless and hesitant. He doesn't care for loud noises and unfamiliar places. He will hold you so tight and refuse to be put down. On the other hand, he is a nut and will dive headfirst, climb anything, etc. For example, he was using the bouncer seat as a trampoline this morning..

~He is simply the best part of my life. I miss him when I am away for an hour. I don't like doing anything without him. I love being his Mom more than I ever thought possible.


Mama Dub said...

how sweet! you are great at documenting. Our kiddos sounds lots a like. They sure are great boys!
The only advice I can give is warming the milk. Kyah didn't like it too much at first, but I warm it up, check it on my wrist to make sure it's just right and he DOWNS it. You are such a great mom. He is so blessed to have you!

Meant to be a mom said...

Just wanted to stop by, I haven't gotten to comment very often lately. I'm glad you guys are doing good. I can't hardly believe Trevor is 11 months old. Our babies are growing up so fast!
He sounds so much like Cooper. They could be best of friends :)

I just saw mama dub's suggestion and I wanted to tell you that sometimes especially in the beginning we had to warm Coop's milk up a bit too. I don't know if that will help but it seemed to ease the transition.

Good luck.

twondra said...

This is so sweet. :) You can tell how much you love him. I know Trevor will love reading this when he is older.