Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New RE Appointment

The gyno office called me Friday to inform me that our referral was approved and being faxed over to the RE office. I was so happy something finally went my way!

Saturday afternoon was our appointment. The office is small and a huge difference is its just one doctor. My old RE I dealt with one doctor, but there were 5 in the practice. We filled out some paperwork, had my vitals taken and then met with Dr. M. He had reviewed my file earlier in the week and knew all about us. The whole conversation was what we expected.

He said we will likely use birth control to start, followed by Lupron to suppress, a few monitoring appointments, Estrogen pills and vaginal Progesterone. The transfer would be done on a Thursday afternoon. All sounded good to us.

He couldn't give us any success rate numbers, because they are based on our embryos. He didn't have any of the information on them. That is something I will give when I pick them up. For that, I need to sign consents for RE #1, put a huge deposit down on the tank they get transferred in, drive them to RE #2, and then return the tank. I can see the picture now..of my little embryos buckled in next to their big bro. :) I think Ill do that sometime in the next few weeks.

Speaking of the embryos, we have one little issue. They are frozen 2 and 2. Come transfer day, we will thaw the first two. If both make it, great! If one makes it, we have to decide to transfer the second two and take the chance of having 3 embryos to transfer..or just transferring one.
Seriously, infertility has made me make so many decisions I never imagined I would have to..

He wants to do a hysterosonogram and check my prolactin level. I am going in for both on Saturday. If all comes back well, I believe Ill start birth control soon and start the Lupron after my next period.

It was such a pain to switch doctors, but I think were going to be really happy here. Dr. M was friendly and warm. He was on board with our plans. He has Saturday appointments(great for Tom!) and early morning monitoring(6am=great for me!). Also, they have an online patient portal where you can update info, check medication you should be on, see that status of insurance claims, confirm appointments, etc. Its wonderful!

We also found out about our insurance coverage. It looks like we have 100% coverage for monitoring and diagnostic testing. Office visits are a $10 co-pay. Our old insurance had a $40 co-pay which is where thousands of dollars added up with every little appointment made! It covers 4 retrievals/lifetime. However, once you have a live birth aka. Trevor, it drops to 2 retrievals/lifetime. FET's don't count. I think we can make our 5 children with having 2 more IVF's, unlimited FET's! We just need to have frozen babies next time around, too!
Also, IUI's are unlimited. If we really needed to, we could keep trying that if our IVF coverage ran out. Bottom line, we have options. I like options.

As far as the bloody massacre/possibly loss/crazy "cycle" this month..I have no clue. I am no doctor, but I KNOW it isn't just a period. I understand things change after a baby. But, I also know what came out of me and am pretty sure my body thought it was pregnant. My guess is a chemical pregnancy. Tom and I were very active during my ovulation time and I was having early pregnancy symptoms..Perhaps my body just wasnt able to hold anything inside because I was still breastfeeding?! I bled heavily/passed clots until yesterday and its finally let up some. I'm just going to not think about it and move on. I'm so thankful were moving forward with #2!
Thank you all for your support with the unknown. You are the best!

I feel like were FINALLY going somewhere with making another baby. We have wanted this since Trevor came outta the womb and were so ready. I will say I am glad we waited so I could breastfeed Trevor as long as I did.(Uhh, yesterday was my last nursing, that is a post coming soon!) I always said I wanted my kids 2 yrs apart..looks like I just may get what I want.


Amber said...

This is so great to hear Erin! Best of luck to you! :)

Stace said...

It is so wonderful to have plans moving forward. I am so happy for you, Tom, and Trev. You sound like me... trying to work out how to get the # of kiddos you want from what you have available to you. It's stressful... but it will all work out. Somehow. :)es

Project Baby said...

I am glad you like your new RE and you journey to baby number 2 is going good. I am wishing you the best of luck.

Sarah said...

hopefully all 4 of your embys thaw perfectly in the next few years and you get 2 sets of twins so you never have to do another egg retrieval again! :) But that insurance sounds amazing! How wonderful for you guys.

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great appointment! Glad everything is going smoothly so far at the new RE.

siiilllygirl said...

How donyou know that you were ovulating? I'm also still breastfeeding and my husband and I want to start trying for baby #2 soon.

Good luck!!!! Will be praying for you.

Mrs.Joe said...

I'm happy your appointment went well for you! Best of luck on the journey for number 2!

Nicole said...

I love the feeling of knowing that action is in progress. I'm glad the new RE appt was a good experience, I was really hoping it would good well for you. I can't imagine involuntarily having to leave my amazing Dr. K! Sounds like Dr. M will be a good match for you two as well.
We faced the thaw issue with our FET. Just pray that you will know what to do when the times comes.
That's great about the insurance coverage!! How nice would that be?! We are 100% self-pay. $35,000 total for all the cycles we did just for the conception of our little boy, not to mention insurance costs once I got pregnant, delivered him, and now that he's here.
I had more to say but the babe jsutwoke up. Good luck!

Beth said...

Thanks for the congrats on my page. Glad the appointment went well -I'm sure it is very nerve racking to visit a new doctor when you know the last one worked for you, but it sounds like financially this is a much better situation. As far as the 1 vs 2, yes, we only did 1 both of our transfers. We were suprised when our Doc advised us to transfer 1 the first time since it seemed like everybody did 2. He said, for my age (29 at the time) and the face that I had had a healthy pregnancy, he suggested one. He was very concerned about splitting and didn't want to see me end up with triplets or quads. When I had the ectopic, we were espcially glad we had only done 1 since there would have been the possibility of having 1 ectopic and 1 in the uterus and deciding on treatment for the ectopic would have involved some VERY difficult decisions. This time around, we decided to try 1 the first time and if it didn't work then we would do 2 the next time. We were lucky enough to have them frozen, 1, 1, and 2 though so that made the decision MUCH easier. One more thing though, our doctor told us they can refreeze if they thaw and don't use it...is this an option for you at all?? OK, this ended up really long and I feel like I am all over the place. Good luck with the decision making!