Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Nursing

As I said, I am having my blood taken this coming Saturday to test my prolactin level. With my IVF cycle, I found out I had an elevated level. They gave me a few scenarios and checked it again a week or so later. Luckily, the level was back to normal and we moved on with the cycle.
My new RE wants to be sure the level is normal now. So, I have to fast for 12 hours before the test and avoid nipple stimulation, which can alter the numbers. I have been nursing Trevor in the morning/evening for a few weeks now. Luckily, I stopped the evening feeding a few days before our appointment. I had a feeling I would need to. On Monday, the day he turned 11 months, I nursed him for the last time.

I am really sad about it. Breastfeeding is/was one of my favorite parts of being a Mother. I loved that my body was providing for him. I loved the time spent together. I loved the comfort it gave Trevor(&Mama!).

Trevor did have a few formula bottles in the NICU, while my milk was coming in. In a normal hospital situation, I would have just been able to feed him and help bring the supply faster. The NICU keeps tabs on exactly how much they eat, so they had to feed him my milk and some formula to meet the requirements. I was terrified that he wouldn't want me after getting bottles for a few days. I was so thankful he transitioned well, with the help of a wonderful lactation consultant.

I had the easiest breastfeeding experience ever! I never once experience sore nipples, low supply, mastitis, nothing! The only problem we had was the day we went home, my breasts were so full I had to use a nipple shield so Trevor could get milk out. We used that for a day or two, I pumped like crazy and we got rid of it quickly!

Even having it "easy" compared to most, breastfeeding is not easy. It is time consuming! For the first 6 months of Trevor's life, I was on a 3 hour schedule. Daddy's cant help as much, unless you use bottles, which we rarely did. But, I loved knowing that only I could give Trevor what he needed.

I have about 1-2 weeks left of frozen milk and then its on to whole milk. Sidenote-warming the milk was the trick, how simple!! I cant wait to breastfeed the rest of our children. I think the last baby may be breastfed until s/he is 4! Kidding, of course. :0)

My advice for expectant mothers-TRY IT! It just may be easy and enjoyable for you, too!

I'm off to go pack away the boppy and pump..sniff, sniff.


Suzy said...

you mentioned you had an elevated prolactin level before conceiving trevor and just as an FYI that can be caused by a *benign* tumor on the pituitary gland, its harmless, but it does prevent you from ovulating and therefore conceiving on your own. treatment is just a medicine in the form of a pill and it shrinks the tumor and brings the levels back down to normal, thereby letting you ovulate normally. i wonder if that is all you needed to conceive on your own? something to look into. perhaps since you were breastfeeding less your prolactin levels were going down on their own and thats why you had the pregnancy (if thats what it was) last month on your own. anyway im not a doc just a lurker :)

Staci said...

I felt sad each time I stopped breastfeeding my babies too. Praying that everything goes well in making Trevor a BIG BROTHER!

Missy said...

I have read your blog for a long time now but never commented. I am having twins and plan to breastfeed/pump exclusively....I am both excited and scared at this! I hope it goes as smoothly as your experience!