Sunday, October 24, 2010

Five Years Old

My gorgeous niece, Delaney Grace, turned 5 today! I cant believe she is that old. I love her as much as I will love my daughters and I am so glad we have such a special bond. Yesterday was her big celebration. Before the party, we went on a special date, just the two of us. I took her to Sweet and Sassy, a local girls spa/salon. There, she got a "party up-do", which was surprisingly only $14. She also got to pick this neat bracelet with interchangeable magnetic designs.

Then, the fashionista and I went over to Old Navy and picked out a few outfits. Delaney is very stylish and likes everything to match. She likes everything that's big right now..glitter, tutu skirts, peace signs, etc. We had lots of fun picking it all out!
I went back to drop her off and gave her the last gift-a Shutterfly photo book. She loves pictures and I knew she would appreciate something like that. The book transitions from pics of her and me from her whole life..then to her and me/my belly(there were a lot of those!), and then to her and Trevor. It turned out exactly as I pictured and she loved it!!
I ran home to pick up Tom and Trev and went back to her house for a Halloween themed bash! This year, we were instructed to have the kids wear Halloween clothes, but not a costume. Trev sported his skeleton sweatsuit. :)
We had yummy food, a pinata, tons of dessert and watched her open gifts.

At the party, EVERYONE was asking if we were ready for another baby. I had to keep my lips tight and not scream out about how we signed papers just for that earlier in the day! I would like this to be somewhat of a surprise. Although, I simply answered, "Yes, were more than ready!", or "Workin' on it!" <~~Does that give people a visual of us working on it? If only they knew what work we must do to get pregnant..
Anyway, after the party, we went to the Haunted Hay Ride. Every year, my sis corresponds her party with the towns ride and its so much fun! We waited in line for almost an hour, but the weather was great and everyone had a great time. Trevor was such a trooper being kept up past his bedtime. He actually fell asleep in the car on the way over and stayed asleep in the Ergo for about 45 minutes. Then, he was up and ready to party!

He was up wayyyy past his bedtime and slept until 9:30 this morning. That was nice for all 3 of us.
I really cant believe my little girl is 5. 5 is old. Grown up. Pretty much a teenager. This is one of my favorite sayings and I put it on the front of her book: "Only an Aunt can give hugs
like a Mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend."
I almost forgot, Trevor took his first steps today while at another birthday party. It was so cute and I cant get over how proud I felt!!!


Shawna said...

Oh my goodness. First steps!!! That is so exciting. Love the shutterfly idea you had for Delaney. Very cute idea.

Amber said...

Awwww! Happy 5th Delaney! :) I hope you'll follow my brand new design site:

Thanks girl! :)

cady said...

I love the girl spa/salon idea! Lucy took her first steps yesterday, too! It's so exciting, isn't it??

kim_brough said...

Wow.. my nephew turned 5 in September and Delaney looks so much older than him!! Guess it's all the hair girls have!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Looks like a good time! How exciting you signed the papers!!! Good luck with your journey.