Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chicago Marathon

Tom ran the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10! Ive been waiting to post about it because I had to gather pictures from a friends camera! He had been training since April..and ran for a boy named Sam with muscular dystrophy. He ran with 50 others on a team, who raised over $100,000 for duchenne! I babysat the kids while the parents ran(during training), for the second year in a row. My Wednesday nights have been late for 7 months and I am glad to come home after work again. It did make me sad to not run this year. I decided not to join the group this year because I was sure Id be pregnant by the time it came around. Soon, Erin, it'll be soon..
Anyway, the day finally came and Tom was off at 4:30 am. I drove down with another family, who's Mom was running. It was SUCH an amazing experience. The crowd was insane..for 26.2. miles! It was fun to cheer runners on and be part of such a huge event. It was terribly hot that day, 85 degrees, no cloud cover. We had quite the Indian summer this year.
Mile 3 mark

Annie, Charleigh, Ben


Walking to our next stop

We started at the 3 mile mark, then moved to the 12. We drove over to the 20 mile mark and the finally waited at the finish line! Above is Tom zooming by at mile 12.

Mile 20 mark..most people were walking and exhausted

Eiffel tower guy! There were tons of people dressed up. Superheros, brides, birthday outfits, a juggler, someone in a full firefight suit..it was fun to people watch.
We almost missed Tom at the 20 mile mark..I called his name out just in time.
Unfortunately, the finish line is very hard to get close to. Its blocked by private bleachers and a huge crowd. We just had to wait at the end and find Tom on our own. I was tracking him on my phone, so I got a text at the exact second he went over the finish. That was pretty cool.

I surprised him with 3rd row Bears tix for next month. He deserved it for all his hard work and dedication!

Carla and Tom

A good look at Trev's outfit..Run Dad Run!
Tom did well until the 22 mile and then had terrible leg cramps. He walked for a few miles and was able to pick it up at the end. He was upset with his time and is determined to do it again next year and beat it. Sam's Team year #3 will begin in April!
Tom was so fortunate to have the day after the marathon off. He was so sore and really needed it. They say not to run for at least 5 days after a marathon. Poor Tom had to return to the academy on Tuesday and run every day since. He is still recovering since his body never got that down time.
I cant express how stinkin' proud I am to have a husband like him. He is able to balance a stressful job/school, time with the family, training for a marathon, etc. He sets goals and always reaches them. He is a phenomenal man and I am blessed to call him mine. :)


Jill said...

That's so awesome! I love the picture of him running by! So fun! You guys look great and I love that stroller!

cady said...

Congrats to Tom! Joe is running an ultra-marathon in three weeks. I know what you mean about being super proud of a hubby who can train and work, and still have time for the family.