Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Our Sunday was particularly lazy, thanks to such a late night before. We walked the Alzheimer's 5K with some family and friends. It was nice to be a part of. Trevor lasted in the stroller for a few minutes until he realized how many people were around to hold him!!

We had lunch at Portillos-YUM!-and went back for a nap. Tom ran to Walmart to buy more County stuff and we slept. Then, we went to Bass Pro Shop to buy a gun case. Tom bought his Glock about 2 weeks ago and is spending this week and next at the range! Trevor liked the decor in BPS, especially the fish!

We crossed the street to IKEA and browsed for a while. I cant wait until we have a house and Trevor has a playroom. It will be so organized! He played with the toys and we left with the bead roller coaster.

Trevor perfected his cheese face. Now, as soon as he sees the camera, he does it. Its so ugly, its cute!! At least you can see his teeth. He went from 0-6 in 6 weeks!
I just switched his closet from summer to fall. I love having a sister with great taste to get hand me downs from. Seriously, I don't have to buy a single thing! Isn't this track suit the cutest!?

Trevor trying to crack the code!
As for the academy, Tom is in his 5th week! He is over 1/4th of the way finished! He is enjoying it. Although, its very difficult. He is so drained at the end of the day. It'll all be worth it in December when he gets that badge!!
As for me, I am staying very busy. I'm in planning mode. I have our entire October booked with fun activities. Trevor's bday parties are in the works. {There will be 2!} I'm researching hotels for us to stay in the Dells to celebrate Daddy's graduation. I'm stalking the insurance website in hopes to print out a temp card for my new gyno appt on Friday! All in a days work..:)


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Those faces!!! I love those pictures of him in the soccer balls. That is precious!!

Kalle said...

Love Trevor's new cheese face. So cute. Emmett went through a stage like that and it always melted my heart. Sounds like a great weekend.

Laura said...

Keller used to make the same cheese face!! I loved it - now he hides his face & says NO! (more often than not) when a camera is in his face. Ahhh - I guess that's what I get for sticking it in his face every single day for the past 2 years! :)

Stace said...

I can't believe that Tom's already in his 5th week! It still amazes me how fast time flies these days. :) I love Trev's cheese face! He is so big... he's looking so much like a big boy and not so much like a baby.

The Harrison's said...

I love changing the closet for new seasons.....his looks so cute in his outfit.