Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daytona Beach

Day 3 of vacation, we decided to take a break from the parks and drive to Daytona Beach. My Dad asked the worker at Starbucks the best route to go. He told him a shortcut that would avoid all the tourist traffic. Great!, we thought..We set out, our van following my sisters rental van..
3 hours later, we were still in the car! The man had us take this crazy route which led us through the national forest! Plus, we were behind this huge RV that was going under the speed limit and we had no way to get around it for miles and miles. By the time we got there, we were all crabby and ready to return home.

Thankfully, we didn't. We ended up having a wonderful day.

It was Trevor's first time in the ocean. I was sure he would be bothered by the salt water, but nope. He kept licking his lips, he liked it!

Trevor played in the sand for a while. Hes gotten really good at not eating up and actually playing.

Him and Tyler played. Tyler takes it upon himself to watch over Trevor. Hes always telling him, "No, baby!"

Trevor loved crawling through the water. He would crawl toward the waves and then turn around to escape them. It was too stinkin cute!

All the kids had a blast. Mikey used to be afraid of the water, so it was nice to see him jumping the waves in the deep part. They actually saw a pod of dolphins swim by!

The best pic I got of all 5. I love them SO much!

Handsome Braydon

Delaney spelling everyones names

Trevor LOVES Mikey. We all say he is the king of the family, because all the kids adore him. Mikey is a great oldest cousin and is really sweet with all of them.

Beautiful Delaney Grace

Trevor passed out in the stroller toward the end of the day, so I was able to go in the waves with the kids. Maybe next year Daddy can come and enjoy a day at the beach with all of us!

Thankfully, it only took as an hour to get home. We were all covered in sand from head to toe. I took a bath/shower with Trevor. He kept looking at me like..Hey, what are you doing in here with me? We got dressed and headed to Downtown Disney. Our car, which was just my parents, me and Trevor made it inside Wolfgang Puck before the storm. The other car didn't get so lucky. All the kids got drenched! They had to run into one of the stores and buy them all shirts so they wouldn't get sick. We had a nice dinner and did lots of shopping. Trevor got..a baby giraffe, his Mickey(he gets one every time we go), a bus, and the baby character set.

We went back to the house and crashed. I was sure Trevor would sleep through the night because we had such a long day. Unfortunately for me, he was up at 5 and wouldn't go back to bed. So, my day to travel home I was running on 4 hours of sleep. It was rough!
Ill finish up tomorrow. :)


Steph{anie} said...

Sorry, it's been FOREVER since I've commented. Forgive me? Life is nuts.

I love all your pics from your vacation; it looks like you had so much fun! The beach sounds pretty good right now.

Stephanie said...

How fun! Love the beach pictures - those are priceless!

I'm to the point now that I think I could function better on little to no sleep than I do on a lot of it - I guess you grow accustomed.

Stephanie said...

What a magical trip!! So glad you found a forever friend through blogging! Maybe next time it will work out and we will actually get to meet! ;)

J said...

What a fun trip--just a quick question, where did you get the great swim cover-up for Trevor? With the zipper, it looks so much easier to put on/off than the over the head ones.