Friday, September 3, 2010

Bloggin' Love

Ive said it a million times before..and will say it now..THIS BLOG KEEPS ME SANE!

Seriously, thank you for reading. Thank you for following! Thank you for the emails. Thank you for commenting! Thank you for caring. Its amazing to know how many women are interested in our life. And were so grateful to have you praying for us on a regular basis!

As far as the FET appointment goes..I didn't make it. I know I should listen to the doctor. I'm just so anxious to get the ball rolling. I was sure Id be pregnant in September. Here we are, 3 days in and theres no way thatll happen. Its a hard pill to swallow. Not to mention..I don't know if I really had a period?! I had minimal spotting for like 12 hours..and now nuthin'! What the heck?

Moving on...Trevor and I leave for Florida on Thursday evening. Not only will we get to spend 4 days with my immediate family, everyone BUT Tom :sniff, sniff:, but we are meeting up with Evan and the triplets!! If you have read my blog since the beginning, you know about mine and Evans relationship. We were each others cheerleaders through our IVF process. We cycled about a week apart, both got pregnant and were due 8 days apart. We both went in for our 1st ultrasound on the same day. I found out I had Trevor on the way; she found out she was having Andrew, Bradley, AND Charlotte. I always kinda felt like she "stole" one of mine. ;)
Anyway, we have kept in touch via phone, text, email, Fbook, blogs..for the past 2 years! She is an amazing woman and I cant believe I will get to hug her soon!! I get really emotional when I think about the person she has been for me. I have vented to her, depended on her and loved her and her gorgeous children since day 1. In one short week, I will see them in person and surely cry. :) I still cant believe the relationship you can have with a person without meeting them. I am so glad that I will soon hug their necks and introduce Trevor to his forever friends!!

I have stressed my appreciation to my readers, right? One follower, Carly, emailed me this week offering a FREE photo shoot while we are down in Orlando!! She is a local photographer and is trying to build her business. She kindly offered to travel TO my family and take pictures of the kids for us. How amazing is that? We are hoping it'll work out with scheduling and naps. Carly said she would be on standby and come when its convenient for us. What more can I ask for?!

I hope each of you enjoy this holiday weekend. I know we will. <3


Ashley said...

Have fun on your trip! And triplets? Wow! I would have kinda felt like she "stole" one of mine too. :)

Stephanie said...

Triplets - oh wow! She's got her hands full. Can't wait to hear about your meeting - I can imagine it's going to be tons and tons of fun!

What a cool photoshoot opportunity too!!!! You can never have too many pictures :)

Evan Nicole said...

Erin, Im crying right now reading this and thinking about how amazing next Saturday will be. I feel the same way about you being there for me these 2 years! I cant wait to hold, squeeze and kiss Trevor as I feel like he's my 4th (which would complete my family indefinitely). You know you can come borrow your stolen child(ren) anytime you want!! Love you and cant wait to hug your neck!!

Amber said...

I'm sorry it's not working out how you would like. My cycles have been so strange since stopping breastfeeding. Hope your cycles regulate soon.

Have a great trip!! What a perfect time to go to Florida - when it starts getting cool here!

Jackie said...

I am loving your blog. Your family is beautiful - the feel and beauty of your blog shows through your posts. Looking forward to coming back often and referring my friends your way :)
Jackie Ladner
Mississippi Gulf Coast
Southern Belles Shoppes

Molly said...

Hey girl! Can't believe how big Trevor is since I've been out of the blogging world awhile! He is just too precious.

Hope your trip is going great!