Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nine Months

I sit here today, astonished at how quickly nine months can fly by. Nine months!? You're pregnant for nine months(so they say) and Ill never forget jumping for joy each Saturday as it meant I was entering a new week of pregnancy. Those 40 weeks went by so slow. It was a good thing, because I soaked up every second. But, there were times when I was anxious to meet my little boy. That little boy has been in my arms for roughly the same amount of time and I cant believe it. Not a minute goes by where I don't realize how blessed I am. He is everything I was waiting for and yet so much more! Happy 9 months, Trevor Michael!

I feel like a lot has changed this month. Each day he seems like less of a baby and more of a big boy. I'm torn between feeling ridiculously proud and having a broken heart. I guess Ill have to find a happy medium..

9 Month Memories

~Trevor is sleeping great, finally! Ever since we moved, he has been sleeping in his crib 100%. He has only been in our bed once and that was for a morning nap with Mama, which was heavenly. He goes to bed around 8:30 and I wake him around 6:30 for us to go to work. When I don't have to wake him, he will sleep later. We've considered putting him to bed earlier, but we enjoy our time together in the evening.

~Trevor is napping great, also. He take a morning nap for about an hour and a big afternoon nap. The afternoon nap ranges from 1.5-3 hours. Sometimes if this nap is on the shorter side, he gets fussy in the evening and we put him to bed a bit earlier.

~He still does the sucking motion the whole time he sleeps. I thought it would go away as he got older, but it hasn't yet. Its so stinkin cute!

~He rolls over to sleep on his belly, usually with his butt in the air. :)

~Trevor is eating 3 meals a day and I make a point to let him have snacks, too. He is really enjoying eating real food and I see an end to baby food in the next few months. He is a total carb man, loves bread and pasta!

~Trevor is taking the bottle like a champ! He is drinking 4x a day, either nursing or breast milk in a bottle. He gets water with breakfast/lunch and watered down juice with dinner.

~He is SUCH a boy! It amazes me how early in life genders play a role. He loves the wheels on everything, turns everything into a car to push around..boy, boy, boy!

~He gets into everything he shouldn't! He could have 100 toys in front of him(and he often does), yet he would prefer to play with..the blinds, dog bowls, door stoppers, etc.
~Trevor gives the biggest, wettest, open-mouth kisses. They're only offered to me, I might add. Daddy gets very jealous that Mama gets all the kisses.

~He loves to play hide and seek and the chase game. He laughs hysterically!

~Trevor finally cut his first tooth on Monday. It is on the bottom right of his mouth. He loves to feel the sharp edges with his tongue.

~Trevor is a great faker. Fake laugh, fake cough, loud screeching..he knows how to get your attention.
~Trevor crawls super fast and can pull himself up in 2 seconds flat. He is cruising and I predict he will be walking by 11 months.

~He is rough and tough! Going along with the boy thing, he is such a strong guy. He is constantly getting hurt and rarely cries about it. He often has bruises and scrapes that I dont know where they came from.

~He says Mama, which was his first official word. He also says Dada. Were working on Baba!

~He claps, does SO BIG and waves. Were working on signing more, all done(almost have this one!) and dog.
~Trevor wears size 3 diapers and size 6-12/12 month clothes
~He weighs 21 lbs, according to our scale. We will see the real number when we go to the doc in a few weeks.

Happy 9 Months, angel. Thank you for being everything I ever wanted and more!


Kahla said...

Happy 9 months Trevor!!!

Do you know that Chase is almost 5 1/2 and he still sucks in his sleep! Crazy!!

Gill said...

Happy 9 Months Trevor! Great post Erin, it's lovely to see him growing from all the way over in England! He has the most adorable smile :)

允黃淑 said...
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Staci said...

What a cutie! Happy 9 months Trevor :)

Tiffany said...

Happy nine months Trevor! Today is Noah & Aaden's 11 month birthday. It amazes me how fast time has gone.

Kalle said...

What a happy little guy. I just love the picture of him in the orange shirt with his huge smile!

Happy 9 months.

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

He is doing AMAZING!!! My Zoë is about the same age and hasn't done many of the things he has or is just now hitting them at the same time as him. It's so fun to compare their personalities, too! She's a lot more serious than little Trevor! Oh he sounds so adorable!!!