Friday, August 13, 2010

Country Thunder

Ahh, Country Thunder. Its like Christmas in July. A week we look forward to alllll years long, and ironically, book our tickets in December! I have been going to this festival my entire life. The grounds are a whopping 5 minute drive from our cottage. Walking take a bit longer, but Ive only done it while heavily intoxicated, so it never seemed too long. ;0)
There was drinking this year, but nothing like before. I had a little man to worry about and that is much more important!! Trevor and I drove up on the Thursday night to start our weekend. I don't like driving by myself, or at night, or on roads with no street lights, or while watching lightning in the sky for over an hour straight! Trevor slept like a rock the whole way up and got up when we arrived. My siblings were all at the concert, that was then cancelled due to the lightning. I put Trev in the house, unloaded the car and about 30 seconds after sitting down, the rain came. And boy, did it pour! I was happy to be nice and dry, while everyone at CT was drowning. Every year there is extreme weather..rain, storms, a tornado one year, etc. It was quite the way to kick off the weekend!

Friday, we woke up and all went on the boat. Tom was still at home working, poor guy. We soaked up the sun while we could, as more storms were headed our way.

Enjoying a snack with Maggie

Night one, I left Trevor behind and headed to the concert. We went to our campsite to drink before heading in. The mud was terrible and I was so thankful I had my boots. Otherwise, I would have been barefoot!

Tom drove up with my girlfriend, Meghan. They arrived between Jason Aldean and Sugarland. Both concerts were phenomenal. My parents arrived with Trevor, before Sugarland went on. Trevor was getting loved on and enjoying the music.

Take you for a ride on my BIG green tractor..
The next day, we went to breakfast with my parents. Our fave place, Cubby Hole, has the best biscuits and gravy around. We decided to give Trevor his first taste of pancakes. They were a hit.

Later, some of our friends that were really camping came by to take a dip in the lake.

We went back to the cottage, showered, and headed to the grounds late. We saw Miranda Lambert that night. I was glad we went because she puts on a fantastic show.

Sunday, we went on the boat all day. Trevor is loving the boat even more now that he can move around.
Tom, Trevor and I decided to go to the concert alone for a bit. We arrived in time to see Luke Bryan. Trev traveled in our Ergo and took a nice nap.

We took Trevor back, fed him dinner and got him ready for bed. Then, we returned to the concert to see Billy Currington and Kenny Chesney. Our camping friends staked out a spot in the front and sat there allll day. We were able to push through the crowd and join them. It was so close and such a great time!

Do I have something on my face?

The concert ended late and by the time we got home it was 1:30 am! It made for a long week..
It was another fun year and were already looking forward to CT '11. Unless I am super pregnant and am unable to go. Shucks, that would be too bad..NOT!


Suzy said...

That is one happy little baby!

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Looks like so much fun!!!

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SO fun!! We love our Ergo, too!

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