Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changing Seasons

I never really elaborated about our new residence. While looking at rentals, we came across a neighborhood and fell in love. We had been on the grounds before, but, only to the bar. We ended up liking a townhouse, submitting an application, and then being told it was already rented. Luckily, a condo was newly for rent and we had our paperwork handed in hours after seeing it! Its 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and on the first floor. That was essential for us to let the dogs out. The closets are massive and everything was freshly painted and cleaned. It took weeks, but we are finally settled in.

Its not our dream home, but it’s a perfect rental for our current family. The lease is up July 31, 2011 and we hope to move straight into a purchased home! We often sing Carrie Underwoods song, Temporary Home while cooking or cleaning. Its another stop on the way to where were goinnnnnnnng!

Not only is the condo nice, the complex has a lot to offer! There are 4 pools, a convenience store, a bar/lounge, volleyball courts, paddle boats, lakes for fishing, a ski hill, etc. We just found out that we get to ski for free as residents! Not only is it free, but the lift and rental are included! I have only been skiing once, but we will absolutely take advantage of it this winter. They even gave Trevor his own resident ID.

The entire subdivision is covered in trees and I cant wait for the leaves to change! We also have a lake behind us and I bet it'll look gorgeous when the snow is falling. We had a busy, fun, fast-paced summer and I'm ready for the season to change.

Speaking of the season change, I have a list a mile long of events to pencil in on the calendar. September will consist of a wedding, Florida, Toms boys weekend, and the ALZ walk. October is crazy, as usual. We have tons of birthdays, the pumpkin farm, the Chicago Marathon, apple picking, Six Flags, a haunted house, a much more. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year which is great! I'm sure there will be fun activities Fri, Sat and Sun! I ordered Trevor's costume this week. it’s the cutest one Ive ever seen, and itll be kept a secret until late October. ;0)

November is Trevor's birthday month and the potential month of our FET. If my body every cooperates, that is. We plan to go away for our LAST weekend as a normal family in the beginning of December. I cant believe we wont be able to spend every Fri evening-Sunday together. it’s a small price to pay, but it will take some time to adjust.

Daddy starts the academy tomorrow morning. It has been a hectic 10 days getting everything he needed together. More on that tomorrow!


Amber said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Skiing for free?! Wow! :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like an awesome complex!!!! and for Trevor to get his own badge - well that just takes the cake :)

I used to follow your blog when you were pregnant all the time but things got crazy and I lost touch - looking forward to catching up.

Mrs.Joe said...

I wanna live there too!! Sounds amazing :-)