Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Common

What do these two boys have in common?
They're both November babies, 9 days apart to be exact.

They both have handsome, doting Fathers.

They both have button noses.

They both have chubby cheeks.

They both have piercing blue eyes.

They're both Mama's boys.

They're both perfect in every single way.

AND, they're both IVF babies!

Sunday, we met with our good friends in downtown Naperville. Jennifer is the only person in-real-life that has dealt with IF and IVF. We leaned on each other through clomid cycles, failed IUI's and finally our first IVF cycles. Both resulted in positives and both resulted in healthy little boys. We have gotten together three times since the kids have been born. We would like to do so more often, but its hard with both of us working.
We had SUCH a great time. We went to Barnes and Noble and picked Trev up a few new books. We walked around to a few more shops. Then, we had lunch at Mongolian BBQ, yum! Thankfully, the sky cleared and sun started shining, so we were able to set the kids in the grass and let them play. Finally, we stopped at a delicious cupcake shop and bought a few to bring home. My first red velvet cupcake=delicious!
We cant wait to get together again. Its so much fun comparing milestones and seeing them interact. I think they'll be good buddies. :)
Before I forget, this was a big week for Trevor. We dropped his crib, he started drinking from a big boy cup, AND he discovered his penis. Haha Diaper changes are even more fun now!
And yes, I will take a picture of the statue. Then maybe fellow IF battlers can rub body parts on the screen and try to get her..mojo..?!


Kahla said...

They are both adorable!

Jill said...

Aww!! They are both so adorable! Trev gets cuter and cuter every month.

Alyssa said...

You're totally right. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful in my post. I feel awful that your sister is gong through that and that you are having trouble too. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

I wrote what I wrote because it was just on my mind and I feel like i already censor myself too much.

I do feel blessed. Thanks for your comment.

Alyssa said...

Ahhhh, ok. Thanks then :)

PS. Your guy is adorable! I am a sucker for blue eyes

twondra said...

That is such a sweet story and so glad you have each other!

They are so cute!

I hope your next FET works, especially with that statue. I'll be your biggest cheerleader!!

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Saffy said...

Trevor's little friend is also a total cutie :) How lovely that he has a special buddy the same age as him. How lovely for you that you have an IRL friend who gets what your journey has been like. I love seeing pics of Trevor. He is THE cutest.

Kristin said...

cute boys!!
cracks me up when little boys find their boy parts. my nephew just started calling it his penis and it cracks me up. he's 3!