Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eight Months

I have been defeated by an 8 month old! I have had this post written up for two weeks. I was just waiting to pair it with his adorable block pictures. Let me tell ya, did NOT happen. He wouldnt lay still for one single second. I tried multiple times and have simply given up. (I don't even have access to those pics because they are on our desktop which is sitting unplugged on our living room floor and will be until next Friday when we get Internet!). Oy! Before I forget, here are his stats:

You crawl everywhere and get faster each day.

You pull up on everything. Sometimes, you even try to stand with your hands on the ground, like a bear crawl.

There have been many instances where you’ve let go and stood for a few seconds.

You clap! A lot! It took you two days to teach you this. Now, I don’t even clap along. I simply say, “Do Yay!” and you happily cooperate!

Ama taught you to raise your arms up high aka. Do “So Big!” You are very proud of yourself and do this often.

You eat three meals a day now. Usually its yogurt in the morning, fruit in the afternoon and a veggie or dinner at night. Some real food is thrown in, but we have to be careful because you still have no teeth!

Speaking of teeth, the doctor predicted you'd teethe for a while and return to your happily self before a second round of teething pain came again. She was right! Currently, you are as pleasant as ever.

You usually take two naps a day. One in the morning, shortly after you wake up. One in the afternoon, after lunch and a nursing. That second nap tends to be nice and long; at least 2 hours. You were still needing a catnap in the evening until recently. We have been pushing your bedtime up and dropped that.

You love the water! Daddy does your bath every other day and its your special time. You were in the bath ring for about two days before we realized you'd do fine with nothing holding you back. Now you crawl around and stand on the side of the tub. You are such a water baby.

You are a complete Mamas boy(and always will be, right!?) You call me Maaah, and know who I am.

That being said, you have a very special relationship with your Daddy. You light up after not seeing him all day. You boys are so silly together and I love witnessing it.

You stare at strangers and people you don’t see often. You don’t usually cry, as long as Mama holds you tight.

One little add-on here~I saw the white and felt a hard spot AKA tooth! on July 26th! It should pop through soon!

I'm dying only having Internet access 1 hour/day. I have a to-do list a mile long and many of the items are on the computer! Such as..fall baby classes, birthday party items, printing out pictures.

In other news: Tom had his final interview with the County on Tuesday!! We hope to hear something back sooner than later. The condo is coming together, slowly. Toms working overnight security all weekend, so Ill be running my million errands and organizing like crazy. I'm hoping to get our life back in order so we can really enjoy the rest of the summer!


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Hi there! I just came across your blog and I'm glad I did. I am now a follower. I love how you made a list telling your son his 8-month milestones. That is so cute! I also have a child (although a lot older) and am TTC my second one (I'm on Month #23), so I think we have a lot in common. Check out my blog! :)

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