Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi, friends. Trevor here. :) Mama is super tired from all the chaos the past two weeks and is resting. She gave me permission to start the updating from back when it stopped, Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is always fun for Mamas family, since Uncle Mikes and Auntie Jeralyns birthdays are the week before. Mama and I picked Daddy up from work so we could get a head start on the drive to the cottage. We took Tyler, my cousin exactly one year older, with, so Auntie Jeralyn could rest. She was pretty sad over the weekend and I just tried to smile extra to make her feel better.

When we got to the cottage, Tyler and I played. I LOVE playing on the floor now that I'm a big boy and sit up. There are lots of fun toys at the cottage and Tyler did a great job sharing with me. I really love Tyler and light up when I see him. He always says Hiiiiii baby to me. My new favorite activity is pulling hair and Tyler has great hair to grab on to. He would cry when I pulled his hair, run and tell on me and then come back for another round. What a silly kid!

Mamas good friend, Sam, and her new boyfriend, Brian, came up to visit. Sam adores me and gave me lots of love before bedtime. Apparently the adults did some heavy drinking after I fell asleep. I didn't care, I enjoyed snoozing upstairs.

On Saturday, we went to the beach. Down the hill is a private beach for the subdivision we own the home in. I played in the sand and even in the water. Mama was sure I wouldn't like the cold lake water, but I didn't mind one bit. I just love to splash, splash, splash.

The family's new pontoon boat was picked up that day and we were all so excited to ride it. Daddy even let me drive! I fell asleep on the boat a few times; Mama is a good cushion.

I took my first sink bath that weekend. I really liked it!

On Sunday, I woke up and used my mesh feeder to try banana for the first time. I really loved it! And I made a big mess. I also tried watermelon and it was yummy, too!

We took more rides on the boat that day. My cousin Delaney loves me so much and is always hugging and kissing me. She pretends she is my Mommy.

We went fast this day and I wore a cool life jacket. I fell asleep again; its hard to stay awake when you're on a boat!
We had a huge BBQ on the beach that evening. Tyler suggested I try and Oreo and Mama couldn't tell me no. I loved it!

My cousin Mikey loves me too. He is 11 years old today. Mama says he is the reason she loves me so much. She became his Auntie at age 12 and wanted to be a Mom ever since. He was being funny jumping up and down. I giggled every time!

Monday was a rainy day in Wisconsin. My family headed home and ran errands the rest of the day. It was a nice way to end the weekend.
Mama says I am fortunate to have a summer home and boat. We are thankful to my Ama and Grandpa for providing us with such a fun place to gather. We are going this weekend, too. I cant wait!
Mama says to say hello and thank you to everyone. She says this blog is the greatest blessing. I thought I was the greatest blessing..hmm.
Ive gotta go get me some boob. Goodnight.


Jill said...

What a cute post!! Trevor is an adorable little guy. I love all your updates, I hope your sissy is doing better. :) I have been in her shoes... it's an awful place to be. Prayers to her and your entire family.

Meant to be a mom said...

It looks like Trevor's first boat ride was fun too :) I can't believe how big he's getting. His little smile is adorable.

I'm glad your family had a nice weekend in the sun. I hope your sister is doing ok. I've been remembering her in my prayers.

twondra said...

This is so cute. :) I love the way Trevor told it. Looks like you had a really good time!!

walsha said...

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