Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers Day

We spent Fathers Day weekend at the cottage and had tons of fun. The weather was gorgeous! We really enjoyed the boat and soaked up the sun. Note-Mama got a little pink. ;)

We had a terrible storm here Friday afternoon and we decided to wait it out rather than try to beat it. We left shortly after it started raining and were anxious to get to the cottage. Our drive is usually a bit over an hour. It took us 3.5 hours! It was absolutely miserable! Trevor slept for a bit but then woke up and was hungry and poopy. I had no anticipated such a long drive and was not prepared. We ended up pulling in a Culvers parking lot to grab food and stick a boob in his mouth. I have no shame. We were exhausted and relieved when we finally got to Twin Lakes!

Saturday we spent the majority of the day on the boat. Trevor does awesome on it. He often falls asleep and we just bring the bouncer to set him in. There is a nice canopy that keeps about half the boat shady, so that's helpful. I bought him a swim cover that's UV protected, too. I like my baby pale..

I absolutely love being at the cottage. Its so relaxing, even with 5 kids running around. The whole day revolves around Trevor and he gets lots of extra lovin. I'm pretty sure he loves it, too.

We made a little trip to Walmart to get cards for Sunday and came home with new jammies. How cute are these two?!?

Sunday, I let Tom get extra sleep and entertained Trevor in the morning. I was so excited for him to wake up and get his gift! I played dumb for about a month saying how I had no clue what to get him and I even joked that I bought it while we were at Walmart. I ended up getting him a professional flight lesson! My girlfriend told me about this awesome airport where you get to fly the plane yourself and I chose the package to fly over downtown Chicago! I payed extra so I could go with. I am really excited for Tom and he was very surprised and happy!

Later, we went to Lake Geneva to walk around and enjoy the day. It was wonderful.

Last year on Fathers Day, we were at the cottage and we announced we were having a GIRL! Haha This year, we had the best weekend with our baby boy. I have a man in my life that loves me and Trevor more than anything. I am one lucky girl!


Jessie said...

Hey there - I left you an award :)


Kahla said...

Looks like a great first Father's Day!

meredith said...

Your little guy is beyond cute!! You're a lucky mama!

jenn said...

happy first fathers day@ looks like you guys had a great weekend@@@
trevor is getting so big@ love his smiles!

Jax's Mama said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! What a great gift idea! :)

twondra said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I love seeing the pictures of you and your family. You can see how much you love being an auntie. :)