Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Update

Thanks for all the sweet comments on our pictures. We had such a beautiful day for them! The day before was freezing and cloudy. We were fortunate the weather took a turn for the better! Trevor napped the whole way there, which worked out great. When we took him out of the carseat, he had a bloody lip! It was so random and of course, super awesome timing. We did his pics first and he was such a ham. We changed him and he was somewhat fussy for the family pics. She did such a great job, you cant tell that was the case. If you want info about our photog, contact me directly at TERobertson18{at}

There are going to be some major changes to the blog soon. I'm a bit outdated here. Still says I am 22. Yah, 22 and 4 months. There is still a countdown to our 4th anniversary, etc. I have a design in the works along with a new blog email so I am easy to get a hold of. One thing I'm not sure of is the new title. We got our Peanut..and were working on a sibling..any ideas are welcome!

Sissy goes for her ultrasound on Thursday. I am very anxious to find out the fate of that little baby. She goes back and forth with doubt and hope. I really need that baby to be healthy in there!! Or babies?!

Speaking of babies..I want one. Another. I know, Trevor is only 6 months. I want to be one of those stories. The stories that give others hope. Ya know, that girl that spent a ton of money, ached for so long and finally got her miracle baby. THEN, she got pregnant on her own right after. What a shock! I just want my body to work for me. It was super at being pregnant and giving birth. Cant it just be easy getting pregnant, too? Pretty please?!

Ill leave you with the many faces of Trevor:


aleelavine said...

Good luck with making #2 happen!! How exciting!! I hear stories like that all the time. :)

Awesome pictures... isn't it crazy and cute how they have a million different expressions?? I love them all!

Amber said...

I love those sweet little faces :)

Angelwingsbaby said...

I got your comment,yes maybe we will be cycling together that would be neat! I left a comment about that on one of your posts awhile back but I don't think you got it :-) It said pretty much the same thing yours did lol Take care hun It was good hearing from you, don't be such a stranger((hugs))Hard to believe our boys are getting so big already isn't it?

Mrs.Joe said...

I would LOVE to hear that that happened to you . . .praying that number 2 comes with perfect timing for you :-)

April said...

What a total cutie you've got there!! :-)

Rene said...

He is too freaking cute!! And I adore your family pictures and Trevor's 6 month pics. What a nice keepsake to have.

I hope #2 comes easily for you. I think Trevor is going to make a great big brother! I'm looking forward to seeing your updated blog design too. I don't have an idea for a new title though. Maybe something having to do with your last name?

Mary said...

Ehm, Hoping for our own bag of Peanuts? for the title? Just kiddin :D

And I really admire that you want nr.2 this soon. I have baby girl at your son's age and I could not imagine how it would be with another one on the way... day would have to have at least 28 hours and she would have to sleep that extra 4 :D

Kalle said...

Good luck with number 2. I'm planning Emmett's 1st birthday right now and I think the best birthday present would be a little brother or sister.

hopefully next year we'll both have fuller houses. ;)