Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mouse

Sunday of out trip brought us back to Magic Kingdom. At this point, the trip was coming to an end quickly and we wanted it to slooooow down. I cant help but think how lucky we were for taking this trip. I mean, Trevor is the only child of ours that got a one-on-one, 8 day, wonderful Florida trip with Mommy and Daddy. Our world revolved around him(not like it doesn't every single day)every second. It was so nice watch him with Tom. It was the longest time the two spent together in a row. If you remember, Tom only had a few days off back in November. So, this was much needed and an absolute treat. We like to think Trevor enjoyed it, too.

I was planning on wearing my CUBS shirt this day, but it was too darn hot to wear a T-shirt!

We went back to a few rides we skipped. We really worked the fastpass to our advantage this day. We rode the Jungle Cruise, Thunder Mtn, Splash Mtn, Snow White, saw the Country Bears, etc. It was a productive day.

Lastly, we went to visit Toon Town! First we stopped at Minnie's house..

smooched in her backyard..

sat on Mickeys mailbox..

And by the time we met the big man in his backyard..

someone fell asleep.

Look at my little mouse!

It was supposed to rain by 2pm that day. Hours passed and no rain came. After we left Mickey, it looked like it could pour any minute. We grabbed everything from the stroller and hopped on the train. We were on it about 2 minutes and it was a downpour! By the time we made it to the second stop, it slowed down. However, they announced we had to get of because severe weather was headin' our way. Now we were by the park entrance, with our stroller in the far back part, it was raining, we had no umbrellas or ponchos and we had to walk back! It wasn't too bad trekking back. Thankfully, the big storm waited the 30 minutes. We loaded up in the stroller and got to the restaurant as fast as possible. Seriously, just after we got in the doors, the storm came. It was insane! The sky was crazy-looking, the wind was nuts and the rain came down so hard. Even the workers were watching it. We ate our food and hoped it would pass. Eventually, we had to leave to make the last bus of the night. We covered T and Tom and I got soaked. The monorail line was super long so we opted to take the ferry. Being on a ferry in the rain with lighting making oh-so beautiful designs above=a bit nerve wracking! We made it back okay and enjoyed hopping in the warm shower!

This was just before the big storm hit!
We got free tickets to the Sox game tonight. Were taking Trevor with, so it'll be his first major league game! First of many, I'm sure. :)


Laura said...

Wow, the sky behind the boys in the last picture sure does look wicked!!

All your posts make me wanna take a Disney trip!! :)

BabyWid said...

Looked like you had a wonderful time!

Have fun tonight at the Sox game! I can't wait to take Claire to a cubs or sox game!

Stephanie said...

Looks like we missed the horrible storm! Thank goodness! Even though it rained our first 3 days, it was still bearable!
We met a couple on the train that had been on it for 2 hours already!
Their daughter had fallen asleep and since it was raining they stayed on until she woke up! To funny!
Did you do the photo pass or were these all your pics?!?
I LOVE the family shot in front of the castle!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a great trip. It sounds like a fun adventure. :)