Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Back

Two weeks? I cant believe that much time has gone by since I last sat down and blogged! In my defense, we spent 8 days in Florida and I have been swamped with homework since. I finally caught up as of yesterday and am looking forward to the semester being over next week.
Today is May 1st and boy, am I excited. I love May. Its always a fun, beautiful month. This year will be better than the rest. We have Mothers Day weekend, our anniversary, Tyler's 1.5 yr old bday party, a baptism, another bday party, Trevor turning 6 months, Memorial Day on and so on.
I decided to challenge myself and blog every single day in May. I really, really miss blogging and cant believe how seldom I take the time now that Trevor is around. It makes me sad because this blog was my lifeline for so long and still is. I imagine it will be just as helpful as we embark on the FET to get Trevor a sibling. Anyway, we will see if I can do it! Shouldn't be too hard..I could talk about our Florida trip forever.
So, last Tuesday we drove to the airport bright and early. Trevor was awesome on the flight. He slept for a bit, woke up and played, nursed, pooped, and went back to sleep. I had the wonderful task of changing his diaper in the airplane bathroom..quite a task it was! I also had to pee, so I had to hold him in the teeny space while trying to go one handed. I was literally in the stall giggling. Ah, the memories..

Ready to take off with Daddy

Passed out! His onesie is a Chi Police Dept. one..yes, there is a gun on it.

Snugglin' with Mama

Were here?!

We arrived in Orlando and were welcomed by heat. It felt amazing. We gathered our luggage and waited for our shuttle.
*Oh, I almost forgot. When we landed, I heard my cell phone message alert. I picked up my phone and saw a picture with a positive pregnancy test! The message read: Telling you first, Eric said get started. MY SISSY IS PREGNANT! I had tears..I am so happy for them. It took them two months since the miscarriage and here we are again. Were praying everything is healthy. She goes to the doctor in a few weeks.*

We arrived at our hotel and checked in. We stayed off the park due to trying to find something reasonably priced last minute. It was a big mistake! We decided on our hotel because it was 1.5 miles from Disney and it offered a free shuttle 6 times daily. Well, we didn't realize the times and rules of the shuttle and how it would majorly affect our stay. We arrived at about 3 pm and were so ready to go to a park. The last shuttle left at noon, leaving us no option other than taking a cab. We did just that, even though it was $28.
We arrived and bought our 7-day tickets. Thank God Trevor was free. I cant imagine having to dish out that money for a full family! We spent the evening at Epcot and it was great. Trevor's first ride was Finding Nemo and we couldn't believe how much he enjoyed himself. You would be surprised how many rides he was able to go on. There were rides that we wanted to go on that he wasn't able to. When that happened, we either used the Parent Swap, Fastpass or Single riders lane. I'm getting off track here..
Back to Epcot. We went on Test Track, a few of the educational rides, walked the worlds, ate dinner and saw the firework show. It was a nice way to kick-start our vacation. We were able to ride the bus back and save on the round trip cab fare.
Baby's 1st Ride

We were super tired when we got back but still set our alarms for an early start on Magic Kingdom the next day..!


茂恒 said...

You're gorgeous~.................................................................

Saffy said...

As always, the cutest pics!

Yay for sis.

And most of all, looking forward to your blog thru May :)

Meant to be a mom said...

So fun, I'm glad you guys had a good trip. I know what you mean though, Disney world is super expensive. Congrats to your sister, I will defnitely remember her in my prayers.

And also go check out my blog, I tagged you in my most recent post :)

Stephanie said...

I'm so sad we werent able to meet up :( I would have loved to meet you guys!!
Looks like a fabulous time!
I know how you feel...I could talk about our trip all month too!
(and I havent even done my first post! lol)
Looking forward to your daily blogs this month!!