Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Today is a lazy, rainy Sunday. Tom was up most of the night vomiting. Now, he is laying in bed trying to get over this illness. I'm hoping it will skip Trevor and me! Trevor is enjoying time in his bouncer. He is truly the happiest baby in the world. This is my opportunity to get up-to-date on this here blog. Pictures and all..

Trevor testing out his big boy stroller. We {finally} decided on the Combi and are loving it!

Nom-ing on his blankie

Tall baby on Daddy's real birthday


Last weekend we watched my sisters three kids while her and her husband did work around their new house. We are having Trevor's baptism celebration there next week, so it was only fair. We had some friends and their kids over Friday night. Seven kids under 6, it was a bit wild and too much fun! My Saturday morning looked like this:

A picture perfect morning. Four happy, healthy kids eating breakfast. Trevor enjoyed having the kids over.
One of the great gifts we got from a blog swap was this adorable helicopter blanket. Mama tried to use her professional (ha!) photog skills with these..

Ah yes, another's first mohawk!

Sleepy eyes showing off the 'hawk

It has finally started to warm up here and we took advantage with our first Spring walk.

Mamas view. A Daddy, two pup and a baby snuggled in a stroller=everything I ever wanted!

Trevor has recently starting despising his infant car seat. We decided to try out the big one this weekend. I will still use the infant one until he grows out of it, which will be soon. But, we figured why not put him in the big one on weekends when were both around to hold him.
Look at that smirk! Showing off how old he is!

We stopped by my sisters this weekend to drop some supplies off. Trev hung in Brady's new sports bean bag chair. It is getting hard to get a pic of this boy without his fist in his mouth!

Laney trying so hard to keep her eyes open.

End of the night. Big boy seat=sweet success.

We went to a 1st Birthday party yesterday. How am I 8 months away from throwing Buggy one? Deep breaths, Erin.

Me and Mini. Recently, every time I have Delaney out, someone tells me she looks just like Dakota Fanning. What do you think?

Pink faces from playing basketball.

Brady and Tomtom. See Trevor in the mirror? He just loves looking at himself.

Family pic
That catches us up to today! We have a lot coming up this month. Tomorrow is our Re appt and T's 4 month pics. Tuesday is his 4 month appt. We have his baptism Sunday and it looks like we will have about 60 adults and 20 kids. Let me say, I never want to plan a party again!
Ill update tomorrow night with what the doc has to say. Cross your fingers its somethin' great!


Melinda said...

Great pictures!! I can't believe how big your little man looks in that car seat! Praying for good news tomorrow at the Dr's!

twondra said...

He is soooo precious!! I just wanna squeeze those cute cheeks. :)

Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

He is just gorgeous, love that smirk! I think the eyes are yours, but over all, he looks like Tom.

And yes, she totally looks like Dakota Fanning!

Baby Wanted said...

WOW, he is getting so big too fast! A big boy car seat already? Don't you wish you could keep him tiny forever but then again you would miss all his fun milestones! Great familly pictures!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Trevor is growing so fast!

Stace said...

So cute! You guys sure keep busy! :) Good luck with tomorrow's appointment! And where did you get the turtle PJ's???

Melissa said...

Cute, Cute cute.

And..I do see the Dakota Fanning resemblence.

Niki said...

He is such a happy baby!!!

A big boy careseat at 3months?! NOT SAFE AT ALL! I don't care if its on the weekends only. Go get a convertible careseat PLEASE. As hard as you both tried for Trevor you should be protecting him the best way possible! And thats rearfacing.

Jodi said...

He is getting so big! I love his little expressions.
Yes, she does look like a young Dakota Fanning.

What state do you live in? Here in MI, we have to have them rearfacing by law until they are a year old and/or a certain number of pounds, can't remember! LOL!

Tiffany said...

your little man is soooooooo cute.... I hope all goes well at the dr for you guys. we are sending positive thoughts your way
Tiffany in TN

Bill & Angie Ryan said...

I love your update Erin! Trevor is getting so big and he is really a beautiful baby!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Niki-Thanks for your concern. Of course, Trevors safety is our #1 priority.

If you take a moment to step back, youll see that he IS in a rear facing convertible car seat in the pictures. A Britax convertible, which is the safest brand. Perhaps I was unclear in using the term "big boy" seat. I assure you he will be safely rearfacing in his seat until age 1.

Meant to be a mom said...

Prayers for tomorrow.
I love all the pics, what a cutie.
Also I hope Tom gets to feeling better. Poor guy.

Sarah said...

Aww he looks so cute in his big boy seat. Caleb is almost ready for one as well. What brand did you buy?

Laura said...

Good Luck today at your RE appointment!

I absolutely love your blog!

Your Family is just precious!

I think I missed the boat to be added to your blog roll.

You should come and check out my blog I am having my first giveaway!

Have a great day!


Kaz and Amy said...

Wow! I needed to see this today…Your post encourages me. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for 2+ years and have prayed for a little one for so long….I have to keep trusting. Thanks for sharing this update. He is precious! I’m a new follower

Have a great Tuesday!