Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Months

Trevor is three months now and can I just say..I LOVE THIS AGE! I miss him being tiny and all but this age is too much fun. He is so interactive and really showing his personality. See above. :)
I never want to forget a moment of this time, so Im going to write it all!
*Trevor wears size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. He weighs about 17 lbs.
*He has a bedtime of 10 pm. He sleeps all night until a)I wake him in the morning for us to go to work, or b)about 9 am on the weekend. We didnt use any sort of sleep training or crazy schedule. It was just natural for us to fall into this routine. Its wonderful during the week too, because he will take a long morning nap since he didnt get his full nights rest.
*He takes many naps a day. Usually 2 longer ones and a few cat naps here and there.
*Trevor does not take a pacifier. Instead, he sucks on his entire fist. Usually its the left one, which I am hoping means he will be left handed.
*He has the most kissable cheeks and huge chunky thighs.
*He still loves bath time. Tom usually gives him a bath and sings to him and acts so darn silly.
*Trevor is super ticklish! Sometimes he lets out giggles, other times he just acts plain uncomfortable.
*Trev loves the dogs and little children. He is around both a ton, so this is no surprise.
*He often gets captivated with patterns. A jacket, his blanket, etc. You can tell he prefers certain patterns over others.
*Trevor nurses every 3 hours during the day. I love it, he loves it. Its absolutley wonderful.
*He shakes his fist when he is stretching and its the cutest thing. We sing a little song each time.
*Trevor has really found his voice the past month. He is extremely talkative, particulary in the evening.
*When he cries, he uses the "M" sound a lot so it really really sounds like he says Mama. Not on purpose, of course.
*We dont do tummy time nearly enough, so he doesnt care for it. What baby does?
*He loves..everything. His bouncer, his mobile, his exersaucer, etc. I can usually put him in one "activity spot" for 20-30 minutes and he is happy as can be.
*Trevor loves his tongue. He thinks of it as an accessory and is always licking or playing with it.
*His hair has grown a ton. It is cutest after he just got of of the bath and its soft and fuzzy.
*Trevor is a total TV junkie. He will find it if its on in the room and lock in. For that reason, we have it off a whole lot more nowadays.
*He bats and toys and I am proud each and every time.
He continues to be the love our our life and our greatest blessing. We love you, TMR!

PS-One year ago, today, Trevor was put back inside me. Right where he belonged. :0)


Laura said...

Well how stinkin handsome is he?! So cute!! Even though time flew by, I always felt that each month Keller got older, the more I loved it! They are just so fun!!

Ashley said...

Sooo cute! Isure hope McKenzie sleeps that well at 3 months!! that would be WONDERFUL:)

Peppermint Patty said...

He is a wonderful little doll baby!

I happen to think, Erin, you will love him at ANY AGE! :)

Ashley said...

Happy 3 Months! :)

I am so jealous of your sleep schedule, my daughter will be 5 months tomorrow and she wakes up 2-4 times per night :(

Stephanie said...

That last picture is PRECIOUS!!!!

Melinda said...

I love his bright eyes! And his personality comes shining through in these pictures! I know your heart is swelling with pride :-)

Melissa said...

He is adorable and a big boy! My daughter is 1 and only weighs 1 more pound than he does...granted she is a tiny peanut and only in the 2nd percentile...ha ha! I love his big pink cheeks.

The Patterson's said...

SO CUTE! And, I love his info...I'm looking forward to those full nights of sleep. :-)

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Adorable! I love how you use blocks for those pictures. I see a lot of people use paper and the baby always tries to play with it or move it.

Nicole said...

Happy 'anniversary'! So glad he ended up right where he belongs for the long haul :)
What a handsome and adorable littl eboy, and I love the fun facts! We recently learned that our IVF miracle is a boy too!

Ace said...

Cute as a button!

cady said...

I love that second pic of him with the blocks! He really is showing his personality. Isn't it great having a baby that sleeps well??

Carol said...

He is adorable!

Meant to be a mom said...

He's just precious. Those cheeks, those round eyes. So cute.
Happy 3 months mr. Trevor. You boys are growing so fast.

Lea Liz said...

He is such a cutie!!!!

twondra said...

He's sooo cute!

Stace said...

Colby is a total TV junky too!! :) Your little guy is SO adorable! Sounds like a perfect little baby you have there! :)

Once Upon A Time said...

He is so gosh darn cute! Can he get any cuter???

E. Williamson said...

WOW... he is growing up! boy oh boy how time flies by. Trev just gets cuter and cuter every time I see him. You can tell his personality is really starting to shine though these days! It only gets better as the weeks go by... trust me. I just love each and every stage they go through. He is about the size Kyah was at 3 months. Such big boys!

The Ashes said...

He has gotten SO handsome!!

Adge said...

he is so cute. i love the faces he makes