Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Christmas

The holidays are WAY in the back of my mind..yet, I have to compile a quick post of it all..
The first weekend in December, we took all FIVE kids to a Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier. Its another tradition we've established, much like the Pumpkin Farm. The fest is super fun and decorated beyond your wildest dreams. They have rides, blow up jumpys, ice skating, food, etc. It was such a joy to have all five of my loves together, (oh wait, Tom makes six..). We also met some of our friends there..the ones were traveling with next weekend!
On a funny note, at one point, I was sitting between two trees against a wall, entertaining Tyler, breastfeeding Trevor and watching the three older kids go down a blow-up slide dozens of times. I can TOTALLY handle this whole mother of five deal. :)

Me, Laney and Trevor. He LOVES his sling!

The group. I love how there were 5 children to our 2
adults and 1 child to their 3 adults.

Trevor is thinking, "Seriously, Tyler? My Mama
just wants one picture!"

We'll take it!

He totally fell asleep holding that toy.

The Wednesday before Christmas, we exchanged gifts and hung out with Toms Dad. He is so stinkin cute with Trevor. He loves buying him cute stuff. He proudly gave us Trev's first pair of Nike Shox as part of his Christmas gift. Christmas Eve with spent at Toms Moms house, as usual. We gave his younger sister Stefi Band Hero the day before, so were spent a few hours playing that. Oh how I love belting out T. Swift. We ended the night at 11pm service. It was one of the things I looked forward to most while pregnant. I held my sweet son in my arms I watched the clock turn midnight as the whole church was lit by candles and singing Silent, that is one of those moments that take your breath away.

ALL the gifts under the tree

Christmas Day I have already touched on. Trevor was spoiled by my family! He got a Moby Wrap(more for Mama), a deluxe Radio Flyer wagon, toys, clothes..He slept through most of the chaos. We lounged the remainder of the day and had a nice dinner that evening. I couldn't have pictured a better day.

Delaney in her new chair

Sissy with her gift. It says Be my Godmother..Or Ill just Cry!
with a pic of Trevor screaming.

Braydon with his GI Joe toy

My BIL Eric and Trevy

Delaneys new sling! She wanted to be JUST like Auntie Erin
so I ordered the kid version from the same company.

This girl could seriously babysit Trevor if we needed.
She is unbelievable!


Bri said...

He is so adorable!!!!

Ashley said...

Love the picture of him with the christmas lights. So cute!

The Ashes said...

Awwhhh Miss Delaney is so grown up

Kahla said...

What great pics, Delaney looks so grown in the chair one! Just adorable and you look so happy. :o)

Happily Married said...

The pics are too cute! Could totally see you as a Mamma of 5!! What kind of sling is that? We have a Moby, which I love, but sometimes the wrapping is a little much & I'm interested in others that people like.

Meant to be a mom said...

Aren't those slings just amazing inventions! Cooper loves his also.

Delaney looks like she is getting taller from past posted pictures. All the kids are just so cute.
I'm glad you guys had fun.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful family and a beautifully decorated tree. Next years tree will most likely look different your little darling will be mobile and have very busy fingers! Enjoy every single moment because they do not last nearly long enough.

Bill & Angie Ryan said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great Christmas! Looks like fun! I think that you should submit the picture of Trevor yawning with the Christmas light to a contest or something. It's an AMAZING picture. I found myself just staring at it.

Big Hugs for a wonderful new year with your new family!

Angie Ryan
Portland, OR

twondra said...

Love the picture of him with the Christmas lights! Sounds like you guys sure had a good holiday!!

J said...

What sling is the blue one that you're wearing? It doesn't look like a moby and looks so much easier than some wraps!