Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Moving on to Trevor's second week seems like it was so long ago. We were glad it was a short work week for Daddy, we really miss him when hes gone. We had one day of warm weather and took advantage by taking everyone for a walk.

Trevor had his 2 week check up on the Tuesday before Turkey day. He grew 1/4th of an inch and weighed 9 lb. 7 oz. We have no issues with weight gain here!

Trevor woke up on Thanksgiving with the dreaded newborn rash. It was terrible that day, but has gotten much better since. It seems to be irritated when he sweats. I hope he doesn't end up having sensitive skin and its just a temporary thing.

Our whole family went to my Aunt and Uncles for dinner. My mom has made dinner my entire life. This is the first year we were invited somewhere..all 14 of us. I made two deserts and got great reviews! Tyler was very sick with a high fever and double ear infection, so they missed dinner.

We left their house, picked up the dogs and headed to the cottage. We hadn't been there since mid-August and were very excited to see what has been done! My brother had bought a huge fireplace that helps keep the basement warm. He also splurged on two snowmobiles that we cant wait to use!

We had the best weekend. We lounged and relaxed and snuggled like crazy. I rented Super Mario for Wii for the kids. Somehow, Tom and I ended up addicted and played it like crazy.

Here is Delaney nursing her baby with my boppy and hooter hider.

Ahh, my Mini-me!

We dreaded the weekend ending. I had one more day of maternity leave before returning to work on that Tuesday.

I have a lot running through my mind lately. I hope to find the time to sit down and blog about it soon. For now, I am going to stare into those beautiful blue eyes..


Kelly said...

Such sweet pictures!!! He is adorable. LOVE the picture of him curled up on your chest!! I can't wait for those times again!!

Sue said...

Awwwwww, he is so cute! Can't believe you're going back to work already, that sucks :(

Heather said...

He is so adorable!!

Stace said...

LOVE the picture of Delaney! That's just TOO funny!!! The picture of the rings on his toes is too cute as well! Can't believe you're already back at work. You are amazing. :)

Carol said...

He just gets cuter each day, I think! Mine all had the dreaded rash on their faces but it soon will be a faint memory!

Kalle said...

I love all the pictures, especially the one of him holding the rings. Sound like a great thanksgiving. I can't believe you're off to work already. I can't even imagine what that would be like. Can you take your babe with you?

Saffy said...

Adorable!! My favourite outfit is def the baseball one. Cuteness personified.

Vicki said...

such lovely pictures...I can't believe you're going back to work so babe's eight months now and not due back at work until feb...I don't think my brain would have been together enough to go back so early!! I hope you don't miss your babe too much x

Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

Zoe got that horrible rash too! She had it for a couple weeks and it has finally cleared up. Your little man is so cute (my 2 yr old says so too!).

Fiamma said...

he is beauteeeeeful!
such beautiful pictures!
You seem like such a cool mommy- not at all overprotective!
i would want to stare into those big blue eyes too! god, he's gorgeous. I guess it was worth the wait, no?!

Kerry said...

He's beautiful! and he still looks so tiny even with his weight gain! xxxx

kim_brough said...

Aren't you guys still living with one of your parents? That's gotta be tough, but are they keeping Trev when you go back to work?

Courtney said...

what a good lookin' little man!

Baby Wanted said...

Awe, he just melts my heart! You are a very lucky young truly is a blessing to be able to take him to work, I know you know that!

I hope little "Hadley" is going to be #2! :)

Thanks for the long update...and I agree, you were meant to be a mom! You are a natural!

Cin said...

Hey Erin, Tom and Trevor,

I have a fantastic tip for any kind of rash including nappy rash and eczema. Chamomile tea is a fantastic natural curative that is very soothing and, being all natural, bubs can accidently get it on their hands or in their mouths and there is no issue. Take a chamomile teabag and infuse it in a screw top jar full of hot water. Screw the lid on, allow it to cool and store it for up to three days in the fridge. Every nappy change, wipe with a cotton ball soaked in the solution. For bad skin rashes, you can also wash you bub in a bath full of chamomile tea.

Well done on little man, he is super cute!