Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marathon Update

I realized how minimal my updates have been lately. Life has been hectic! What else is new?

Here is my attempt to catch you up to speed on our life-

*Went to my OB appointment on Thursday. It was wonderful! Dr. said he is in the perfect position for delivery and seems to be the perfect size baby. I love hearing the word perfect when in reference to my son. :) I go back on the 14th, when I will get the strep B test and my first cervical check. Now the fun begins!

*We were supposed to close on our home on the 30th. It was pushed back to tomorrow, Oct 5th. Tom drove down for the last time on Friday and did one final repair, grabbed the rest of the boxes, and gave our realtor the power of attorney papers, keys and garage door opener. We will not be traveling down tomorrow, our realtor will stand in for us. We are confident that as of tomorrow evening, we will no longer be homeowners.
We lost a ridiculous amount of money in the sale. It is painful to even think about it! But, we are thankful to walk away with anything, considering the home market.

*Were not sure if we want to rent or buy next. We don't want to get in the same predicament in a few years, so we may rent until we know where Toms career will be. Either way, we plan on staying with my parents until after the 1st of the year. I don't want to stress about moving(again) while 9 months pregnant in October. November is going to be a blur with a newborn and Id rather enjoy the holiday season and relax. Plus, it ll be nice to have the extra help. Additionally, we will be able to pay off a few bills and try to bulk up our down payment. Not having that mortgage payment for a few months will be very helpful.

*Speaking of Toms career, things are moving along there. He got the call for his private investigator about 3 weeks ago. He was calling to let him know that he will be calling his references and meeting with him soon. We are very much looking forward to that!

*We ended up rescheduling our maternity pictures. Tom woke up with a huge mass on his forehead on Thursday. We think he was bit by something! He took Benadryl and applied creme, but it still looking pretty bad as of Friday night. It ended up raining all day yesterday, so it wasn't a big deal. I believe were all set for this coming Saturday morning.
I just laugh and think this stuff would only happen to us! We were going to take pics while in FL and that night I ended up in the hospital. We try to take pics here and Tommy gets bit by random!

*This weekend is/was our last before things get a little crazier. Yesterday, we installed the car seat and I started taking tags off clothes and washing them. We did the final returns from my last shower and ended up at the Carters store. Tom was like a little kid in a candy store! He was pulling all these outfits out and saying how Peanut needs them. I tried to explain that he had MORE than enough clothes. We ended up getting some adorable Christmas outfits, socks, and one set of sports onesies.

*We have a ton of birthdays to celebrate this week. Toms sister, Stefi, turns 15 on Tuesday. My brother in law, Eric, turns 30! on Wednesday. Toms dads birthday is the 10th. We are going to his house today to watch the Bears game and celebrate the two bdays. I believe my sister is throwing Eric a party Saturday night. There in the midst of moving too, so I don't know if plans have been made.

*This week I have breastfeeding class on Monday, our last birthing class Tuesday, I work late Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night is the Taylor Swift concert. Saturday is the pics and I believe were taking the kids for our annual pumpkin farm trip. It is my fave tradition with them and I cant wait! See..its getting crazy around here!

*Pregnancy wise..yesterday was my big 35/35! 35 weeks down, 35 days to go. I cant believe it! I am getting bigger and seem to be dropping a bit. I still have a ton of trouble breathing. I am exhausted during the day, usually late morning. I get a second wind and am okay the rest of the day. Pregnancy is pretty rough on your body this late..but I am lovin' it.

*I follow a lot of blogs that have given birth recently. I have one real life friend who gave birth on Thursday. Here's the thing..were next. Pretty soon, Ill be writing our birth story. Pretty soon, Ill know what it feels like to hold my child for the first time. Pretty soon, I will watch Tom hold his child, a child that I provided for for 9 months. It makes me giddy thinking about it!

*That about covers it. I'm going to enjoy breakfast with my first love and soak in this Sunday.


Candace said...

I have been following your blog for a while.... sounds like we are close in our pregnancy. I am due October 26th, but pretty much know we are having a scheduled c-section a week before. WE are also having a little boy, and couldn't be more excited. Praying for your safe delivery and anxious to meet our little men! :) God bless!

Allison said...

Thanks for the update! Ive been wondering where you were! :) The busy weeks to come will be good for you. Less time to think about how real it is about to be! haha Before you know it- baby boy will be here!! I cant wait so I know you are dying with anticipation! :)

The Gardella's said...

That is awesome that you have so much to keep you busy the next few weeks. I felt as though the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy took FOREVER because I did not do a whole lot. You are so close!

Joy said...

That's how I feel following people who are due right before me... I'm NEXT! Eek!

I think it's wonderful you'll be at your parents until at least New Year's! Plus it is hard to move in the ice and snow.

And just think, after your next appointment (and that wonderful GBS test) you'll be going weekly!!!

I think my baby likes it when I read your blog. She's going nuts right now!

Kahla said...

Wow, you do have a full plate! So glad the house will be done and ya'll can focus on other things! Congrats on the big 35/35 too!

amanda said...

can't wait to hear YOUR birth story!! :0)

Jessica said...

Whew, you guys have a lot going on! Congrats on 35/35, that's awesome. I am looking forward to seeing your birth story and baby pictures... not too long to wait, now!

Allison said...

That is so funny that you dreamed about me and April! I feel like I know you in real life anyway, so why wouldn't we sit in my living room and have a chat! Ha! Your due date is getting closer and closer! I can't wait to see your beautiful baby boy!!