Monday, October 19, 2009

Life in General

I had an OB appointment on Wednesday, at 36W5D. The Peanut is head down with his back on my left side, butt up by my boobs and feet on my right. What a little acrobat! His heartbeat was great and he is measuring on track. She did the Strep B test and a cervical exam. She said its soft, but closed. She assured me that everything is normal for where I am at in the pregnancy. She answered our labor questions and we left feeling well informed.

I return on Friday and am hoping for some progress. I did ask about when they usually induce, if it comes to that. She said a week past your due date. That means his birthday will be on or before November 14th! I really hope he comes naturally, but as long as he arrives safely, Ill be happy.

I noticed an odd numb feeling on my upper belly the past few days. I think its because the skin is stretched to the max! It feels like when you have novocaine at the dentist. Kinda tingly..very odd.

I have been surprisingly hungry lately. I could snack all day long. I thought at this point I wouldn't be eating much at all, but its the opposite. We've had a rainy fall thus far and I haven't been outside and walking as much. I hope this doesn't result in too much weight gain the next few weeks.

We had our third and final shower yesterday. I didn't take many pictures, but will post the few later. We were given a lot of our big items..glider, pack 'n play, high chair, exersaucer, etc. We have a handful of returns and then plan on buying the remainder of our registry.

I decided that if I am still cookin' this little one on Halloween, we will be going to a haunted house. :)

Tom went to the dentist a few weeks ago and was told he needed to get his wisdom teeth out, and quick! Sure enough, he got an infection a few days later and was in horrible pain for days. We originally planned to have them extracted while I am on maternity leave. That way, I can take care of my two babies! But, since he developed the infection, they moved the date up to October 27th. It stinks he has to take a day off before the baby(unless he comes that early!), but I know we need Tom at his best for when he does arrive.

No update from the Police Dept. They did give out a new set of applications recently, so that's a good sign. Also, Tom found out he wont have to do the oral interview, since his investigator is head of the merit board. I am really, really hoping he has the job in February. That way, I can throw him a giant golden birthday/police officer party! Come on, County, that gives you 3.5 months to hire my hubby!

Have I mentioned how glorious it is not having a house? It is. I call Tom often, just to remind him that we are not homeowners. There is so much less stress in our life right now. Ahh!

I am anxious to start planning our Florida trip. Southwest opened up its booking to May 7th, so we need to pick a week! I cant wait to go on this trip. Its going to be such a different experience than the last two times. I know it wont mean much to the baby, but it will mean the world to his parents. :0)


Allison said...

You are almost there!! :) Enjoy your last couple of weeks and keep us updated on your appointment on Friday!!! I cant wait to hear his name and see his little face!

Kerri said...

How odd! I have been having the numb/tingly upper belly lately too and was wondering what that was all about. I guess it must be normal. Oh, I read on a couple of blogs about pg women being denied entry into haunted houses because of the worry that it will induce labor! I had never heard of that before, but just something to check into I guess. Otherwise, sounds like a fun time to me!!

Jess said...

You are so is like you can see the finish line but have a few more laps to go! I hope you get to celebrate with one big party for two great things! Did you see my hubby is also applying to be a police officer! Pretty soon we will both have handsome cops as husbands!

I hope Tom feels better soon and that they baby comes sooner than later! :)

Mush said...

Bump pics?! X

Kriss said...

Ben was due Nov 7th and Brady's birthday party was on the 8th. I just knew we were going to get a call during the party saying he was born. Nope he wasn't born until the 14th. The 14th is a great day to be born. LOL. :)I still can't get over that I have two boys with birthdays 3 years and 10 days apart. Crazy!

Kalle said...

These last few weeks will fly by. And good job for the peanut looking down already. Hope you hear something from the police soon. Wisdom teeth are no fun. I had all 4 of mine pulled at once. Good luck Tom.

Joy said...

Don't forget that you'll get a completion coupon for your registry for 10% off of every item you purchase from your registry yourself. I think you can even double up coupons, too.

Stephanie said...

Gotta love the uncomfortable final weeks! Get some rest're going to need it :)

Hope the hubby hears soon on the job...and good luck with the teeth. Those are not fun to have out!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow, how exciting. I just can't believe your already almost to 37 weeks.
I had a numb upper belly too. I never quite figured out for sure what was causing it but I had that happen the last month I was pregnant. Must have been because of the stretching like you said. Or hey maybe its when you start to drop? I don't know?

Either way I can't wait to meet your little man and hear what his name will be.

Nicole said...

You've received an award!

twondra said...

You're getting so close!!!

Poor Tom. I hope he feels better when the wisdom teeth are out!

Thanks for all your support on my blog. It means a lot. :) :)