Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birth Preferences and Bag

Tom and I have compiled our birth plan, which I like to call birth preferences. I am well aware that there is a little boy that will be calling the shots come delivery day. But, I want to have my wishes known in case he decides to cooperate. Please let me know if I am forgetting something..!

Labor Related
1. No episiotomy
2. Avoid induction, if possible
3. No epidural-we have codeword ready if needed..its Hadley ;)
4. Drink clear liquids
5. Use of tub/shower
6. Avoid forceps and vacuum
7. Intermittent monitoring-free to walk around

Baby Related
1. Delay eye ointment and Vitamin K shot until after bonding/first breastfeeding
2. Please allow husband to cut cord
3. Baby in room at all times
4. Hepatitis B to be given by pediatrician

Also, I finally stopped procrastinating packing my bag and was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what I am forgetting, I'm sure its a lot!

Mama Bag
1. Nursing bras-sleep kind. I plan to get a proper fitting at the hospital before I splurge on real ones
2. Maternity undies that can be tossed after use
3. Swim trunks for Tom
4. Snacks for Tom
5. Toiletry kit
6. Video camera
7. Bra to labor in-if I don't want to wear the gown
8. Socks-the same ones I wore for my IVF procedures :)
9. Coming home clothes
10. Black shirt for pictures, which is what they recommended
11. PJs

Last minute items
1. Pillows
2. Camera
3. Laptop
4. Straightener/Make-up Bag
5. Glasses

Baby Bag
1. Coming home outfit-one in preemie and one in newborn
2. Carseat with blanket
3. Special blanket for pictures
4. Boppy

Thanks in advance for your help!


paige said...

This is a personal one, but it's important to me - for my labour list, i always include allowing the water to break on it's own.. (seems they always want to artificially rupture the membranes...) Also, a preference thing, but having a squat bar available is such an awesome option...

Allisyn said...

Extra batteries for the camera.

Lauren's College Life said...

I haven't had a baby- but I always hear CHAPSTICK is a much needed thing!!! Put it in your toiletry bag! :)

Megan said...

i know this sounds stupid, but if you decide to go with a circumcision, request the pediatrician do it. Sometimes the OB/Gyn does it and I know from experience, peds does
better and known better techniques!

Also, ipod with some music of your choice on it. I had classical and then rock. Listening to music helped me focus on my labor. Not to mention after people asked me how i was feeling 20 million times, i was ready for some peace.

Brooke said...

If you want to keep up with who all comes out to the hospital to see the little man bring his baby book for everyone to sign!

kim_brough said...

I read Megan's comment and have to first say-- circumcise!!!

I'm a nurse and while I don't work with kids, I know on the adult side of things, my doctors haven't given intramuscular injections since med school, so you may want to reconsider having an MD give the Hep B vaccine. Sure, the numb things up often, but that's all subq, not IM. Just a thought.

Jamie said...

My own pillow was the best thing that I brought!!

Also, they will give you tons of gauze undies to wear which are actually really comfortable. I wore them for the first week that I was home.

And ditto on the squatting bar, that thing really saved me during pushing!

Good luck!

Sue said...

Sounds like you have everything under control! Great plan and lists. Definitely bring a notebook and pen, for various things--like questions you think of for your ob and his ped, when they're not around to ask. So excited for you, I keep checking your blog a few times a day to see if your little man has started his entrance into the world!

Happily Married said...

Baby's book to have his feet prints put in on the page designated for it. CHAPSTICK (it's super dry in the hospital)! You might want to toss in some lotion for your son's skin after the bath as well. Change for the vending machine if you or Tom wants something to drink other than water during the stay. Breath mints or hard candy to suck on during labor since you're not allowed to eat during labor. A tennis ball (can be put in a sock & used as a massager) or massager to use during labor (this can be an awesome thing to use if you have back labor!). Your calling tree/email list for notifying friends & family of your son's arrival. (I'm drafting an email to have ready to send out once our little man is born - with his name, DOB, time of birth, weight & length to be added once the little guy arrives.) And you might also consider your boppy pillow. A lot of hospitals have cruddy plastic ones that aren't even close to the one you'll be using at home. Better to get a start & get used to what you'll be using at home. Warm socks & some house shoes to walk around in too. Your pillow if you're particular to one. And lastly, some blank paper & a pen to write down all the gifts you get & from whom at the hospital. It's crazy how much more you'll be taking home than you arrived with!

The other ladies on here have given you some great ideas that I tried not to repeat. I hope I didn't overwhelm you! I used to work in L&D and saw first-hand the things that my patients brought in that I wouldn't have thought of normally.

Ashley said...

Sounds like you are prepared!! I love your codeword;) Good luck honey!!

Kalle said...

I had an ultra quick labour but agree with everyone else - chapstick is a must.

Staci said...

I agree with Jamie...those gauze undies that they give you in the hospital are heaven!!!!! Take yours along if you want but give theirs a try. I always got 2 pairs and they can be rinsed out in the shower.

Rob & Lindsey said...

It sounds like you are all ready to go.. I am a nurse in the NICU and I have to agree with kim_brough. Those nurses probably give several IM shots a day, whereas the Ped probably hasn't given one for years. I would go with the nurse if it was me. :)

MOBACH'S said...

toothbrush and a phone card for calling people!! and agree about the undies.. super comfy and you don't have to buy any!!! good luck! but don't be afraid or feel like you've "given in" if things don't work out perfect... getting your baby boy here is the most importan!

Laura said...

Don't Forge the Baby book. They can put the baby's footprints in it :)Also, if you DH is wearing a nice white shirt they can place the baby's footprints as well on his heart! My husband LOVED that!!! we kept both of the shirts and he wears them on fathers day!

A pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower that you don't care about. So that your feet don't touch the cold yucky floor!


Stephanie said...

For the little man take plenty of clothes...you'll have lots of possible diaper leaks and spit ups those first few days. Take lots of sleepers and/or onesies so you have them ready. Paci if you want one...although the hospital has those if you would rather start with theirs.

Thinking about this makes me want to go have another baby :)

Shelly Powers said...

some clothes, hats and little hand mittens, socks for your little guy and a blanket or too unless you don't care that he will have a pink and blue striped hat, hospital t-shirt, and a hospital blanket the whole time... you will be taking all these cute pictures in the beginning at least he should look cute right? just a thought...

Jennisa said...

i would add...

n*pple cream
eye mask (so you can sleep!!!)
notebook and pen (to write down feedings, poopies, and gifts/visitors, too)

The Girls Mommy said...

I agree with Paige about artificial rupture of membranes unless his head is REALLY down (don't want a prolapsed cord). As for the circumcision, ask around. At the hospital that I work, the OB's do circumcisions, but they only use EMLA cream and glucose water on a pacifier. The neonatalogists do circumcisions and they do a penile block (with tiny subq injections of lidocaine). So, ask around depending on your preference.
As for hepatitis B vaccine, choose who you would like, just make sure that it doesn't contain thimerosol (a mercury preservative).
Also, IF POSSIBLE, you could request that you be able to nurse him while they draw any blood work (he will have AT least one blood draw for a bilirubin level and a state screen). I did not nurse my first one while they drew her labs, but I did with the second one (and at my follow up peds appt)--- it made a world of difference.
Good luck. . . and remember this is YOUR experience, make it enjoyable for you, but leave room for little man to change your plans ;)

Rachel said...

I've never commented on your posts before but I have followed your blog for many months. I am currently dealing with infertility. Anyway...

The Girls Mommy... if the head is down and the membranes haven't ruptured, I don't think there is any greater risk for prolapsed cord... in fact I wouldn't think there is a risk at all. It is usually when the membranes have ruptured but the head is still high. So my point being, unless they give you a valid reason on why they want to rupture membranes (not just to get the labor moving along) don't do it!

My only other advice would be... don't get too attached to the idea of keeping the baby in your room all the time. Labor is difficult and you will need LOTS of rest after the baby is born that you simply won't get once you get home. I have seen mothers come into L&D saying they want the baby with them 24/7, but then end up having the baby in the nursery through the night so they can get sleep. Rest is important!

Good luck!

Rachel said...

The Girls Mommy... never mind, I realize you meant "don't rupture the membranes unless the head is down." I read it wrong the first time :o)

The Gardella's said...

My baby hated the shirts that they provided for them in the hospital. We packed 3 gowns, and ended up having my parents go get him more. He probably went through 6-7 gowns in the hospital. Little boys are messy :). If you have a swaddle blanket, they are very convinient. The baby will not be able to kick them off, unlike the hospital blankies.

Angelwingsbaby said...

Nursing pads and they also recommended in our birthing class that you pack tucks medicated pads which can be used on your sore umm hoo-hoo to help with burning and soreness and also if you develop any hemroids from giving birth.

kt said...
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dclifford said...

For the baby: A paci to use before circumcision. He may be hungry and won't be able to eat for a little bit. Also, baby mittens so he won't scratch his face with his little nails.

Heather in Texas said...

Why do you want the Pediatrician to give the Hepatitis B shot? As a NICU, I have given thoushands of vaccinations. I have yet to see a Pediatrician give one.

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Quarters for vending machines... charger for the cell phone and camera. Slippers and a robe :)

Pillows from home DEFINATELY!

Good luck labor is the best part of pregnancy :)

The Steward Family said...

I agree on the gauze undies from the hospital. Try to ask for extra to take home. They are actually pretty comfortable and it nice to know you can just throw them away when you are done. You may also want to take your own overnight pads. They are smaller than the hospital "diapers" you will be given : ).

I am a nurse too and would have to agree that the nurses will have more experience giving the Hep B. They do it ALL the time, specifically on newborn babies.

Everything will be fine and soon you will be able to love on that new baby boy!!

Jackie said...

Wait on the bra fitting until your milk is fully in and working well things (size) change.

beth ewing said...

sounds great. my birth plan was alot like yours. unfortunately i was induced and therefore needed the epidural. i had an episiotomy and tore (really bad) and they had to use the forceps (b/c his heartrate was dropping and not coming back up). but i would totally have the same birth plan this time around. praying your birth goes exactly as you want it to.

Joy said...

Your list looks perfect but as others have said... bring your own pillow(s) and extra camera batteries. Our camera batteries died while I was in labor so I was glad to have an extra set on hand.

Don't bring nursing pads or lanolin. The hospital gave me a box of the pads and a few sample-size tubes of the lanolin. ;-)

I wore my own underwear the 2nd day at the hospital and ended up ruining them so definitely bring ones you don't care about.

prettybyrdie said...

Not sure if you're planning on breastfeeding, but if you are, my girlfriend told me to keep my breastpump in the car. When she started her milk came in really fast and the baby would choke on it unless she pumped a little bit first. For some reason the lamaze lady also said to bring some sour candy like a lollipop, and a rice pack thingy that they gave us that you can heat up.

Jenni said...

Sounds like a great list! Good luck with everything!

I would agree with the chapstick and undie comments :)

ALSO i took a pump lotion bottle (hands got dry too)... and for going home clothes, take cute yoga pants instead of jeans or anything (most people still wear maternity clothes home) Anythign tight just doesn't feel good after having the baby :)

Cell phone charger! and DVD's / Movies (esp if you are induced;)

Emily said...

I just went to see one of my co-workers in the hospital. Bring lotion. You are going to use a lot of hand sanitizer, which will dry out your hands.
Also, bring nursing night gowns and robes for yourself and a heavier receiving blanket to cover yourself up down below when feeding. If you end up having a c-section, they will keep you in the hospital for at least 2-3 full days and you will want some clothes that make you feel like a human.

Cin said...

Hi Erin,

I've read everyones comments and this is a personal item but hasn't been mentioned. Sanitary pads, make sure you get the maternity ones.

And something to read! I took in my sons quilt and stitched in his date of birth, weight and name while I was in hospital. It was a great conversation starter.


Mike and Katie said...

From what I understand the eye ointment is for a certain veneral disease and could be avoided. Also, the Hep. B shot is given in the hospital because if the mother has hep. B there is less chance of the baby getting hep.b if he or she receives the shot within 12 hours of birth. If your babies not at risk, there's no need to rush.

I better start working on my own list! :)